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  1. Hello girls !! :hug:

    I'm not here anymore but I often think to you... I want you know that I don't forget you... 


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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hello @Dominika !

      Yes I'm fine thank you, even if we have too much work... !! 😢

      And you how are you ? 😄

    3. Mikasister


      Hello and welcome back @Maria :) we don't 'forget you either. :hug:

    4. Dominika


      I'm fine too @Maria :) :wink2: Busy at work but happy :biggrin2:

  2. Have a good sunday girls ! 

    His unruly lock...!!! :wub2:I love !! 


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    2. Lilyen


      Happy sunday evening @girls! Elton-look

    3. Dominika


      Have a good week girls! :biggrin2:

    4. Lilyen


      Have A Nice Thheyy @girls :wink2:

  3. Hello girls ! :étreinte:

    How are you ?

    It's been so long ! 

    I haven't got internet the week since I went back to the school. 

    Look at this ! It's a page of my diary. :lmfao:"find the date of birth of Mika solving this sudoku grid." 


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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Oh I'm sorry @Mikasister

      I hope it's better for her now. 

      Have a good day ! :)

    3. Paoletta


      I fine :wink2:

      i wait  for Mika!!!! :cloud:

    4. Lilyen


      @Paolettamee too foreveeer......... 

  4. Bonjour le fan de Mika !!!!! Bienvenue dans le fil "les plus belles photos de Mika". Si vous avez des photos préférées de Mika, j'ai vu le vôtre! Voici mes préférés
  5. Maria :)

    The most beautiful pictures of Mika

    Oh yes I loooove the video whose this photo come from. He 's so beautiful... This photo has its place here. This posture, his look and this makeup... I am beside oneself with joy !
  6. Thank you so so much !!!!
  7. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

    @MikasisterYes I love staring at the sun too... He's so cute... And i understand you like this clip because he wears a white shirt and we can see him in profile... Personally, I love when he wears a bow tee...
  8. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

    I love it too... 😍
  9. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

    Good guys
  10. Maria :)

    Mika inspires me because...

    Bonjour @ teenagedreamer98 ! I hope it's not too late... Since I know Mika, I love English and i progress faster. Furthmore, Mika inspires me a lot... I like his way of thinking and his philosophy. So, I take exemple. Also Thanks to him, I am more self-confidence and i am proud to be different. He made me discover full of thinks and i have I could increased my general knowledge.
  11. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

    Thank you so much for your new photos girls ! It's always a pleasure to discover them !
  12. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

  13. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

    @Mikasister #profil
  14. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

    Fête du bruit à Landerneau.
  15. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

  16. Maria :)

    Mika in white shirts

    Oh yes, so beautiful !
  17. Maria :)

    The most beautiful pictures of Mika

    Yes thank you, it was a wonderful show !
  18. Maria :)


    Beautiful picture @Kumazzz ! Thank you ! How did you edit this photo? Where did you find it?
  19. Maria :)


    Hello @Akudanah !!! Welcome here ! Have a very good time with all the Mika's fans. I'm Maria from France 🇫🇷.
  20. Maria :)

    2007 - Mika on Radio energie

    When did Mika sing that ?
  21. Thank you so much Eriko !!!!
  22. I have ever seen these machines three times and it's funny ! I hope you will be able to see too one day
  23. Maria :)

    Mika 's wonderful quotes

    Bonjour tous le monde !! Que penses-tu de ce fil? Si vous aimez les citations, n'hésitez pas à partager les citations de Mika !!
  24. Maria :)

    Pictures of YOUNG MIKA!

    Oh thank you ! I didn't know it !