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  1. Hello Merna !  :hug:

    I wish you an happy birthday!!!! 

    Enjoy your day !!



    1. merna mousa

      merna mousa

      Merci maria :)

      Thank u so much my sweet  friend ♥

  2. Happy birthday, Merna! Have lots of fun today :D :happybday:



    1. merna mousa

      merna mousa

      Thank u sooo much sara ♡

      I'm having a beautiful day because of your kind wishes ♥

    2. sara09


      I'm happy to hear that :hug: 

  3. 58893_10151427209298040_1531894065_n.thumb.jpg.351431a720d0d0c9d8a46a5cb09b2ac2.jpg

    1. merna mousa

      merna mousa

      Thank you so much Dominika ♡

      You are so kind :wub2: ♡♥♡

    2. Dominika


      Hope you're having a wonderful day :wink2:

  4. hello @Frankiew and welcome to MFC i'm merna and i live in egypt nice to meet you
  5. hi maria i'm happy to be your friend ... don't worry about your english because mine is bad as well by the way my name is merna not mousa
  6. nice to meet you Gabriella i followed you on twitter 2 weeks ago it's amazing that i found you and eriko here ..... what a good coincidence !!
  7. thank you all for this kind replies i'm so happy to be your friend
  8. first time i saw him was on the voice france and then i realised that i know one of his songs "grace kelly" and then i listened to his albums and became one of his fans
  9. i know you Eriko i followed you on twitter
  10. hi , i'm a new member to the MFC ! i'm from egypt and i discovered mika 4 months ago and i became obsessed with his songs .... he's a pure and wonderful man <3 i'm very happy to be here with you all and i wish to be your friend ( excuse me for my bad english i'm still learning :))) )
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