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  1. :yay:Happy Birthday! :yay:


    1. Paoletta


      :clap: Hi my Friend Happy birthdayyy also my Brother was of 1976 :crybaby: he was died on 2008 of an motorbike accident :rip_1:

  2. Yes I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam !!!! 🍀 Thank you Dominika !!!! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year !!!! 🎁
  3. I hope too so much dear Anna !!!!! Fingers crossed !!!!! And all I can also cross xxxxxxxxxxxx !!!! 🍀🎁 Luck with you and till then... Merry christmas and happy new year !!!! With all my love !!!! xoxo
  4. Hello everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have won two tickets for The Voice on January 11th !!!! I'm so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!! 🍀🎁 Thank you so much to the MFC !!!! You're so great !!!! Congrats to those who won for december !! Who is going at the same date to see you there ?!!! Kisses and hugs to everyone here and really, thank you again !!! Have a wonderful night with sweet Mika dreams
  5. Happymika_by_celine

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    You're welcome !! It's a great pleasure !! Thank you YOU
  6. Happymika_by_celine

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Ooooh thank you so much dear Anna !! It was so wonderful to meet you (you have a very beautiful soul ) and an incredible positive energy !!! I'm so glad that you met Mika in real and that you could talk with him !!!! It must be wonderful memories for you !!! So happy too that we shared those moments together with Annik, Katia and others !! It seemed "unreal" !!!! HE'S SO MAGICAL !!!! Yes, so we are invited to Poland and as for me, I would come with a great pleasure to Cracow to see you again and also to see Mika of course !!! Looool !! I saw your video !!!! it's so good memories to see Mika so near of us !!! I CAN'T REALIZE !!!! Each time it's the same thing !!! I have to let you sweetie !! I was so tired of these two weeks that I slept during two complete days !!!! I'm not kidding !!! Have a great evening my friend and hope to see you very soon in France or in Poland or wherever you want !! Gooooooood eveniiiiiiiing !!!! Bye bye and thank you again !!
  7. Happymika_by_celine

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Here is my video of the last blind auditions of 2018, november 20th where Mika goes out to say hello to his fans !! He is adorable and available as always! Thanks to my friends Annik, Katia, Anna Ko and Sylvie for accompanying me in this wonderful evening! Have a great day my friends !!! Kisses and hugs As far as I'm concerned, I still have my head full of beautiful memories
  8. Happymika_by_celine

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Hi everybody !! Excuse me @Dominika... but there's something wrong on what you said !! Mika thought he could use the 3 buttons against Jen, Julien and Sopra but the rule is that the coaches can only use one button once during all the game !!! So Mika was trapped and when he realized that, he said that actually this new rule was "null" !!!! And everybody laught at Mika's reaction !!! And as concerning the talent "Coco", she was extremely extravagant and she absolutely "turned on" (or "lit") Mika... saying that she liked to dominate, etc... Mika was very embarrassed but unfortunately he had turned around for her beautiful voice and she hotly chose him !!! He talked about her with his fans at the exit !! She made the show and made laugh the audience but she "scares" and "embarrasses" Mika more than anything else !!! I hope I didn't spoil anything... Thank you for your report my dear friend Dominika !!! And see you soon !! Here are some pics and videos of the first session on Monday, November 12th !! The Facebook group, "Mika, The Origin of the Sun in our Lives" had decided to offer as a Santa Claus hood with 35 gifts for the 35 years of Mika !!! He was really surprised and was very touched !!! So so cuuuuuuute !!!!!! Hope you'll enjoy !! This video was taken by my friend Sylvie : And this one by my girlfriend Vanessa : Here are some pics of the 3rd and 4th session exit on wednesday, november 14th : This is a screenshot (and not a video !) while I was talking with Mika !! It was so wonderful Have a great sunday my friends !!! Bye bye
  9. Happymika_by_celine

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    The candies "Tagada strawberries" he receives with a big smile and he has all against him come from me !!!! Youhouhouhouhouhouhouhouhou !!! I was so happy !! Kisses and hugs Mika fans !!!!
  10. salut Celine :bye:

    1. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Bonsoir Celine. Comment ca va? Any updates for us? Please? 😀

  11. Happymika_by_celine

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Oooh !!! Cette vidéo est vraiment trop adorable Je ne m'en lasse pas !!! Il a l'air si timide au tout début...!! Evidemment, je plaisantais avec mes propos... cela va sans dire !!!! Et bien je te souhaite du fond du coeur de devenir la nounou de leurs futurs enfants car comme beaucoup, moi aussi je l'imagine trop en excellent père de famille !!! Mais à mon avis... tant qu'il aura une carrière internationale comme ça... cela semble compromis pour le moment !!! Cela dit, tant qu'il ne prend pas une troisième chienne.... on peut garder bon espoir !!! Bisous tout fort @crazyaboutmika !!!!
  12. Happymika_by_celine

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    "J'ai toujours dit dans la presse que je peux tomber amoureux d'un homme comme d'une femme et que je n'ai aucune honte à ce sujet". #Mika #Citation Ou comment garder encore espoir !!!! Mika... si tu me lis !!!! Pouhahahahahahahahhahaha !!!!!! Signé : la petite Céline !!
  13. Happymika_by_celine

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Il n'y a pas de raison !! Il faut croire en sa bonne étoile !!!! Courage pour l'attente... et je croise tout ce que je peux croiser pour toi, pour que tu puisses rapidement rencontrer Mika !! Gros gros bisous !!
  14. Happymika_by_celine

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Coucou @yasmine951 ! C'est avec plaisir... Et encore, la vidéo ne rend pas tellement je trouve !!! C'est encore mieux en réalité !!! Mais cela va sans dire !!! Je te souhaite et je suis même sûre que ton tour viendra bientôt !!! Patience... je croise les doigts pour toi !!! Gros bisous !!!
  15. Happymika_by_celine

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Ooooh !! Merciiiii tout fort @Boucarilla !! Et oui... ça rappelle forcément beaucoup de souvenirs !! Et quels souvenirs !!! J'espère sincèrement que tu pourras revivre ça cette année encore.. peut être pas toute la saison... mais quelques dates ?!!! Allez... je vous laisse avec une photo de #manypompomstoUs !!! Bisous les filles !!!!