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  1. Coucou tout le monde, J'espère que vous allez tous bien ?!! Je ne sais pas si cela a déjà été publié ou pas, mais voici une petite vidéo que j'ai faite de Mika en train d'expliquer la choré d'Ice Cream !!! ça peut peut-être vous donner des idées pour le flash mob qui semble s'organiser pour les concerts...!!! Trop hâte !!! Qui va à quel concert parmi vous ?!! Bercy je suppose.. Nous nous y retrouverons sûrement alors !! Mika FlashMob.mp4 Allez... passez une excellente soirée les Mika fans !!!! Et vivement les concerts !!!!
  2. Meeting with fabulous Mika fans (some from Korea) !!! It was so great and magical !!
  3. Pictures of Mika during the RFM Music Show (Morgane and me) :
  4. Meeting with fabulous Mika fans (some from Korea) at RFM Music Show !!! So great and magic !!
  5. Mika singing Relax, Elle me dit & Ice cream at RFM Music Show which will be diffused on C8 french channel on june 27th 2019 !!
  6. Mika at RFM Music Show for rehearsals of "Relax" and a part of "Ice cream" - Enjoy !!!
  7. Mika at RFM Music Show - sound check of "Ice cream" (rehearsals) - 2019 june 15th
  8. Mika on RFM Music Show singing "Elle me dit" (rehearsals) - 2019 june 15th
  9. Mika sound check on the set of RFM Music Show (2019 june 15th).
  10. :yay:Happy Birthday! :yay:


    1. Paoletta


      :clap: Hi my Friend Happy birthdayyy also my Brother was of 1976 :crybaby: he was died on 2008 of an motorbike accident :rip_1:

  11. Yes I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam !!!! 🍀 Thank you Dominika !!!! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year !!!! 🎁
  12. I hope too so much dear Anna !!!!! Fingers crossed !!!!! And all I can also cross xxxxxxxxxxxx !!!! 🍀🎁 Luck with you and till then... Merry christmas and happy new year !!!! With all my love !!!! xoxo
  13. Hello everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have won two tickets for The Voice on January 11th !!!! I'm so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!! 🍀🎁 Thank you so much to the MFC !!!! You're so great !!!! Congrats to those who won for december !! Who is going at the same date to see you there ?!!! Kisses and hugs to everyone here and really, thank you again !!! Have a wonderful night with sweet Mika dreams