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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome 🥰
  2. Gracias por la bienvenida. I'm really grateful for your kind words and wishes ❤️fortunately I got tickets for Mika's concert this September. Attending would be a dream becoming reality. 😃
  3. Hi! I´m glad to be here meeting you all. I´m Carla and I´m 22 years old. 😄 I´m interested in science like microbiology, genetics and tissue culture, when I'm in the lab, I love to listen to Mika and I also like to imagine that some of his songs are soundtracks for the novels I read 😋. I first fell for Mika´s music in my french class 7 years ago. My teacher had an activity where we listened to the song Elle me dit and to explain what did we understood it was about. I immediately found his voice gorgeus and joyful, that was when I became to follow him and to look for his activity. To practice listening to french, I warched The Voice and it really helped me improve. 😃My favourite songs are Boum boum boum, Rain, Overrated, L´amour fait ce qu´il veut, J´ai pas envie and Underwater. I really enjoy listening to his songs because I found them to have a very cheerful and joyful vibe but yet, the lyrics are so moving and sometimes sad. These really makes me admire his music and the philantropic actions he takes part in.