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  1. I have heard Relax on The Voice Turkey in the background (last year )
  2. Hello to the MFC! Enjoy your golden times in here! I'd like to check your Tumblr account, I like Tumblr anyway.
  3. I liked your voice if it was yours. I'm interest with music and I'm soprano so I can sing Mika's songs so relax you can sing Mika's song with under tone(idk in english, i meant bass) it would be good
  4. I wanted to show this, he is beautiful


  5. I reminds me "over my shoulder" same style, slow etc. His voice is so good in the song.
  6. I can sing too, I practied 1 week ago! Let's go to concerts together
  7. Blue is one of my favorite song. Idk why, I love the lyrics, his soft voice... Mellody, everything. Couple of fans doesn't like so much but you can listen this song when you are calm. Blue like the ocean's water but you're blue when it falls as rain Red like the flame that burns in you but the hottest part of it is blue no matter what life throws at you I will always love the blue in you
  8. I love the video! I took thousands of screen shot
  9. Blue like the ocean's water

    but you're blue when it falls as rain


    How perfect describing :swoon:

  10. I found this masterpiece. Available for zoom



    1. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      This is a photo taken by Céline !!!!

    2. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @Anna Ko Kolkowska yess it would be, i stole from twitter

    3. Dominika


      these perfect curls! :fangurl: