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  1. With pilot pen, lessons are soo enjoyable ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I took this photo now. Hello from school 😂!



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    2. Lilyen


      spending the time with Mika can just be good :partytime2:

    3. Irem Aytepe
    4. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @Lilyen yes you are right! :mikadas:

  2. Irem Aytepe

    Bonjour de France

    Hellooooo from Turkey! I'm İrem. Welcome, enjoy your MFC timeee!
  3. "Love was ordinary" or "Love is overrated" ?



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    2. Loo


      Most people have a distorted view of love in a society of the consumable and the disposable.
      Love develops over time and requires effort, patience and respect. So it's a beautiful thing.

    3. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @henhad sanki aşık oldun da ağlıyon eueuweuwueuw

    4. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @Loo good describe, really!


  4. Irem Aytepe

    Mika's Coffee Brand

    Normally this topic about a coffee brand but it turns Mika Jolie
  5. Irem Aytepe


    We are very deep best friend like talking everyday,knowing everything about eachother, days ago she came to Istanbul for me 😂
  6. Irem Aytepe

    MIKA Memes

  7. Irem Aytepe


    Hello my hamsiiiii ❤️ Finally you listened to me and opened MFC account for you.
  8. Irem Aytepe

    Mika's Coffee Brand

    Oh God! I hate sweet with tea and coffee I think... He loves English Earl Grey tea. Coffee powder + hot water BOOOM!
  9. Irem Aytepe

    Mika's Coffee Brand

  10. Irem Aytepe

    Hi From England!

    Hello Gemma. I'm İrem from Turkey. Welcome to MFC. You will spend your time here. I'm sure about that. You said, "But next time he does tour, I'm there!" I hope, you and me will there (of course other countries.) Okay, enjoy your timeeee!
  11. Irem Aytepe

    Mika's Coffee Brand

    I hope I opened the topic to the right place... I saw some pictures of Mika with a coffee cup. I'm just wondering it, what is his favorite Coffe brand? Does anybody know it? I want to try his brand
  12. Nice background picture! :wink2:

    Just love Staring At The Sun :wub2:

    1. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      Thanks a lot. I love this clip too ❤️ :mikalove:

  13. I wanted to share this. My desktop wallpaper, I found it from here from somewhere. Superb photo.


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    2. Mikasister


      Dont worry. You know I forgive you all. :hug:

    3. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @Mikasister I have watched the second video. Thanks a lot :mikadas:

    4. Paoletta
  14. Irem Aytepe

    What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    This is a very good idea. I was thinking about this and I saw. Perfect
  15. Irem Aytepe

    What song are you listening to? (2017)

    I find when I listen to contratenors.