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  1. Irem Aytepe

    The Turkish Thread

    Yes, we can't find this album from apple music and spotify idk why, i know inside the album but i can't listen. Why? Really I don't know, absurd thing. Also i can't find sinfonia pop album too
  2. Maybe y'all want to check my youtube channel :)

  3. beautifu screen!!! of S.A. the sun :wub2:

    1. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      Thanks! :dance_man:

  4. Irem Aytepe

    New album Mika next year 2019

    Yes yes, you are right. He said this. And he said it would be last colorful album. This makes me sad And he said, this album would be colorful but with sad lyrics. This is a good side, maybe not, I don't know. Whatever.
  5. Irem Aytepe

    Mika's pompoms

    So cute pompoms! And awesome stomach as well
  6. Irem Aytepe

    Official - Dreams about MIKA thread =)

    Tomorrow I will say to you, don't worry
  7. Irem Aytepe

    Official - Dreams about MIKA thread =)

    My turn for saying something about my dreams. Generally, I see pervert thing or concert in Istanbul about Mika. One day, in my dream, I'm was waiting for Mika for starting the concert. He will do sinfonia pop in inside stage. When I'm waiting I saw Mika with a lot of security man, he was going to backstage. I couldn't believe he is Mika, then he saw me, we were staring at our eyes. Then he continued to walk. Then I screamed at him. "MIKA!" He stopped. I knew he was Mika, then he moved his hand like "Come here" (idk its general reaction but we do it in Turkey.) My grandma was with me and she said: "Go!". I run to him. Again he continued to walk, I was following him. Then we entered the elevator for going backstage (in this backstage is under the ground.) One security woman was with us, then she clicked the elevator button. I was shacking. (Those days I was confused and sad in real life.) Suddenly he hugged me and he whispered to my ear. "Stay strong, you can do everything that you want. You are a very strong girl. Everything would be ok with me. Don't worry. Just think me when you are sad." and he kissed my cheek, I was crying. Then, the elevator stopped, he went out of the elevator, last he was staring at me. Then, elevator doors closed. After that dream, I was a little okay. My brain is playing with me and this is awesome. That was awesome, thank you for everything Mika, you are my life hero...❤️
  8. With pilot pen, lessons are soo enjoyable ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I took this photo now. Hello from school 😂!



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    2. Lilyen


      spending the time with Mika can just be good :partytime2:

    3. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @Dominika thanks Dominika! :hug:

    4. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @Lilyen yes you are right! :mikadas:

  9. Irem Aytepe

    Bonjour de France

    Hellooooo from Turkey! I'm İrem. Welcome, enjoy your MFC timeee!
  10. "Love was ordinary" or "Love is overrated" ?



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    2. Loo


      Most people have a distorted view of love in a society of the consumable and the disposable.
      Love develops over time and requires effort, patience and respect. So it's a beautiful thing.

    3. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @henhad sanki aşık oldun da ağlıyon eueuweuwueuw

    4. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @Loo good describe, really!


  11. Irem Aytepe

    Mika's Coffee Brand

    Normally this topic about a coffee brand but it turns Mika Jolie
  12. Irem Aytepe


    We are very deep best friend like talking everyday,knowing everything about eachother, days ago she came to Istanbul for me 😂
  13. Irem Aytepe

    MIKA Memes

  14. Irem Aytepe


    Hello my hamsiiiii ❤️ Finally you listened to me and opened MFC account for you.