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  1. Happy birthday mfc!

    1. Starlight


      Ireeeeeeeem ❤❤ I missed you here

  2. Happy new year everyonee!

    1. silver


      Happy New Year to you too :hug:

    2. miknikel


      best wishes to you too

  3. What's this Royal Opera stuff? I've already missed this news, can someone explain?

    1. Presci1108


      Hello !  In fact, Mika was at Versailles for filming something for the New Year's Eve's evening (at french TV), and he even proposed to win accesses for his "performance" here on the fan club. But in fact, it wasn't just him singing two or three song for the New Year's Eve's evening, it actually was a whole symphonic concert with the Royal Opera ! It was a big surprise I think -at least for me. And it seems the show will be released, at least at french TV (the France 5 channel) in february. 


      I couldn't go and didn't try to even if I'm french, but now, we're all excited to see/hear that !  :excite:



  4. Hello guys! How are y'all? Happy xmas btw :mikalove:

    1. Paoletta


      @Irem Aytepe Hello Happy xmas to you too by me..Merry Christmas GIF


    2. Dominika


      Hi Irem! I'm fine although I'm getting sick of being stuck at home. Missing teaching kids in real life and wish to travel somewhere :emot-sad:

      How are tou doing these days? 

    3. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @Dominika Hi Dominika! Get well soon, i hope you'll get better soon, i hope its not so so bad :pray:.. I wish a lot of things too but i think i got used to this life.. I just study, study and study.. Nothing more.. I'm just missing chilling lol

      Thanks for asking :pinkbow:

  5. I really can't choose my favorite song but for me Good Guys and We are Golden are the best mv.
  6. Happy Halloween! 

    (i hope today is the day haha)

    1. Starlight


      It is! Happy Halloween! :biggrin:

    2. silver


      Happy Halloween


  7. First i thought it was a thread for a competition called "masked singer".. huhhh im calm right now heheheh
  8. of course im always with Mika ❤️


    1. Starlight


      Ooooooh I don't have these ones. :wub2:

    2. sara09
    3. Paoletta


      good... @Irem Aytepe ❤️ also me i've the pens... with me... 

  9. My gap year just started. I need to be ready for university untill next June. Wish me luck!

    Life will be soo hard for me for this year

    1. EzPz_german_squeezy
    2. Mikasister


      Good luck Irem!






    3. Starlight


      You can do it!!! :crossed:

  10. Oh MFC is totally changed! Background colours seems amazing!

    btw how are y'all?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. EzPz_german_squeezy
    3. Starlight


      I'm fine, how are you? :original:

      Yeah right? The rainbow colours are perfect!!! :wub2:

    4. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      Thanks guys, I'm ok too. It's nice to see this cute MFC!

  11. Hello!! to the MFC my friend! I hope you will enjoy your golden times in hereee ❤️
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