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  1. I LOVE THE VIDEO! YOU MADE MASTERPIECE! So good work! I found my karaoke video
  2. Ice Cream in Stradivarius (store) Sanremo in a coffee
  3. Use headphone, open max volume and feel the concert (8D music)



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    2. Starlight
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    4. Paoletta


      i love this song!!!! @Torino he have sing this unplugged brividi!!!!

  4. We talked about this with my friend and probably we gonna use this song for background and maybe we'll use some lyric for slide. Thanksss
  5. It would be so great idea! I'm gonna use it, thanks!
  6. I bought the boy who knew too much and origin of love CD! They are amazing. I love the books inside the cd. Just amazing, I haven't seen before!

    I designed my CD's like this (3rd pic), I have no idea for designing so :lmfao:





  7. Hello dear forum! I'm gonna prepare a demonstration for 8th March International Woman's Day in school. I'm the manager of demonstration, anyway I want to put some Mika things in the show but I don't know what to put. Do you guys any lyric or quotes of Mika about this or something else??? It would be so great. Also which song I can open for background?
  8. I made something, if you guys like or not



  9. 1.73 vs 1.92 :lmfao:

    I'm not flexible enough :shocked:


    1. Starlight


      Fair enough :lmfao:

    2. Paoletta
    3. sara09


      You are a genius :lmfao:

  10. Hello to the MFC! Nice to meet you I'm İrem from Turkey Enjoy your golden times in here