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  1. Irem Aytepe

    Hello there MFC-ers!

    Hey Eliza! Welcome to MFC, enjoy your great time
  2. What happen if Pinocchio says "My nose will grow now"?

  3. Irem Aytepe

    MIKA Memes

  4. A video for the night! I love his accent, I learned English with him :groovy:

    (I'm on holiday so nonsleep nights are coming :excite: )



    1. Paoletta


      :yes: yes i remember . poor Fabrizio :tears:

  5. Just teen people who they are. They are not so famous, actually famous but just, anyway. I hate their fans. Especially Turkish BTS fans :pp
  6. Irem Aytepe


    Hello! Spent your good time in MFC
  7. Irem Aytepe

    What's your 3 favorite Songs ?

    This is so difficult to choose 3 songs. But every day I listen to... Promiseland Love You When I'm Drunk Sound Of An Orchestra These are my heavy rotation as apple music says.
  8. When I stuck in the middle of teachers gang


    1. Dominika


      Now I am the teachers gang. Fear me! hahaha :lmfao:

  9. Irem Aytepe

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    When will The Voice start?
  10. Irem Aytepe

    The Turkish Thread

    Teşekküre gerek yok, buraya zaten vakit geçsin diye giriyoruz. Ben teşekkür ederim ::)
  11. Irem Aytepe

    The Turkish Thread

    Ya bak o çekinme işi gerçekten var. Ben de hesabı açtıktan bir kaç ay sonra online olmaya başladım. Fazla çekinlecek bir şey yokmuş, direk konuşmalara dal
  12. Irem Aytepe

    The Turkish Thread

    Turkish thread ölü sadece, yoksa sayfa bayağı canlı! Özellikle ben günlük 50 defa giriyorum😂
  13. Irem Aytepe

    which is, the sound of your cell?

    I think I can't wake up with Mika's music, I'm a heavy sleeper so my wake-up alarm is Ottoman March 😂 so noisy, you feel like inside the war! Anyway, I'm happy with my we are golden ringtone!
  14. I calculated, he press the parfume 56 times (i hope its true calculate 😂)