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  1. image.thumb.png.1145c3ad6b9440b5637ceb2a6f641d0c.png


    I steal your cover picture for my desktop. Ehehehehueh :excite:

    1. Dominika


      Isn't it looks gorgeous? :wub:

    2. Szara.


      It looks gorgeous.:wub:

    3. Paoletta
  2. Irem Aytepe


    I found this thread new. I love Fede
  3. Irem Aytepe

    Mika private gig in Moscow 12 March 2019

    I'm very late for writing something for this thread cause private gig was last week, anyway. Like every private gig, I didn't know. He doesn't tell to us, maybe just I don't know. The concert was done and just a few videos were watched. I need more video. Sometimes people take good pictures on private gig but new pictures can't be founded. This picture from another private gig but i want to share
  4. Irem Aytepe

    Who i am ?

    Hello Rihab! Welcome to MFC
  5. Irem Aytepe

    Mika in stripes

  6. Who has to study?




    How many days do I have until exam week?


    2 week!


    What am I doinnng?


    I haven't been studying for a 1,5 month, since 20th January. I'm just sitting. 




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    2. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @silver thank youu, just I'm so unconcerned these days :dunno:

    3. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @Dominika thank you but what about me? I don't believe myself :loco:

    4. Dominika


      @Irem Aytepe don't say stupid things :P I've got exams on June and I haven't been studying since July last year :lmfao:

  7. When i try to kill mosquito


    1. Dominika


      I just died :floor::floor:

  8. Irem Aytepe

    The Turkish Thread

    Doğum günün kutlu olsun, yeni gördüm özelden mesaj at yani, hani buraya yazma
  9. Irem Aytepe

    The Turkish Thread

    Çok sevinirim. Bana bilgilerini verir misin? PM atarak
  10. I'm gonna sing acoustic Grace Kelly on school stage on 8th March. I'm so happy, finally I can sing Mika on stageee! (Generally i sing what they want😑)

    I'm professional about music guys and I have literally too much ego about everything (I love my zodiac sign! Leo!)

    I will post a singing video on youtube and I will put it here. First I have to find empty class for recording 😂!!



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    2. Dominika


      Wow that is such a great news! Fingers crossed for you! :crossed:

    3. sara09


      That's amazing! Good luck for your performance ^_^ looking forward to watching your video! 

    4. Paoletta
  11. Irem Aytepe

    GraefinvonKrolock says HI

    Hi Vivi! Welcome to MFC my lovely friend We are meeting here too, finally! I'm happy to see you here
  12. We had an earthquake. Luckily I didn't feel but it's scaring. 


    There is soo big earthquake gonna come to Istanbul asap :unsure:


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    2. Paoletta


      @Irem Aytepe omg poor you my friend :hug: actually do you feel good i hope :(. i stay near you and pray for you my friend

    3. Dominika


      Be safe dear! :hug:

    4. Lilyen
  13. Irem Aytepe

    The Turkish Thread

    Kendi kendime durum gelişmesi yazacağım; Bu Thread'e konuşan herkesin hesabına girdim ve Twitter'ı olanlara ulaşmaya çalıştım. Bir kişiye mention attım, bakalım görecek mi? İki kişiye de istek attım, hesapları kitliydi. Diğer kişiler herhangi bir sosyal medya profili belirtmemiş. Amacım Mika'nın Türk kitlesine ulaşmak (Tabi böyle bir şey kaldıysa) Eğer ulaşırsam çok güzel şey olacak ve hayalime adım adım yaklaşmış olacağım. Gerçi hayalim yok olmak üzere. Allah'ım duy sesimi lütfen! Not: Kendi kendime konuşuyorum.
  14. Irem Aytepe

    The Turkish Thread

    Hiç aktif olan yok mu gerçekten? Neredesiniz?
  15. Irem Aytepe

    Please help South America get Mika gigs

    I need it too but i don't have friend to make a hastag for it. İrem stopped resisting and resigned herself to her fate
  16. I love my wallpaper ❤️❤️


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    2. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      @ElizaWilson actually it name is Turkcell but we can change it. I love my operator ❤️

    3. ElizaWilson


      that's so nice!

    4. Paoletta
  17. Irem Aytepe

    Mika's Rising Sign

    I really believe astrology and I show my zodiac sign. I think Mika shows too. I wonder, What is Mika's Rising Sign?
  18. Puahauahua, it was same with my reaction :lmfao:


  19. I think, my favorite song on npih is Promiseland. At the beginning I didn't listen to this album too much, just 1-2 song but now I love. I cannot stand without Promiseland. "Prayed every night to a religion that was chosen for me" this lyrics really for me. I love Oh girl you're the devil, I don't think the lyrics too much, the melody so fit for me. First days I listened to much Staring At The Sun but nowadays not a lot, maybe I get used to this song. I cannot say something about Beautiful Disaster. I love Fedez. What can I want? Feels Like Love is so cool song, I memorized it so easy but also it's not available on Apple Music. I can listen just on youtube so.. Every album has a mood. They give us different feeling, different thoughts. NPIH tell us more different thing from others. LICM, TBWKTM... The new album would be different from the others.
  20. Irem Aytepe

    Eurovision 2019

    Yes, i was wrong about last year, it was 2014 My country always like that, not as good as like other countries about brains. Annoying Winners are good, "winner"
  21. Irem Aytepe

    Eurovision 2019

    I love Eurovision but Turkey won't enter. Last years we were but not this year. The reason is so absurd, there is one guy, who entered last year, he wore a skirt and he cannot choose his gender so my lovely TV boss says this is so bad for children. Everybody wants but... anyway, good luck other countries!
  22. Irem Aytepe

    Mika in white shirts

  23. Irem Aytepe

    Mika in white shirts