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  1. Yeah it's a big difference! My sister worked at the Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan for a couple of summers and she said it was beautiful up there except the temperatures got down into the 40's at night in July. That's winter weather here! I've never been north of DC, so I don't think I've really experienced "real" winter, but I used to live in south Louisiana, so I sure know hot summers! I'm studying economics and Chinese, but I have so many interests I wish I could have like 6 majors. Like I'm really interested in linguistics, and biology, and women's and gender studies, so I end up spending a lot of time researching stuff that has nothing to do with my major... But hey, college is for exploration right?
  2. I just visited Charlotte for the first time a few months ago! It's only about a two hour drive away from my school, and I think it's a really fun city, reminds me a lot of Atlanta if you've ever been there. Good luck moving! I'm sure you'll find some good old southern charm down here
  3. Oh sorry, Ronnie is actually short for Veronica! That's happened a couple of times, I should really put that in my introduction
  4. Hi everybody! I'm Ronnie (short for Veronica), and I'm from Georgia, but right now I'm in college in South Carolina. I'm brand new to MFC, so I'm still finding my way around, but I was pointed toward the US thread so here I am! I've literally only ever met one other fan in GA and SC so I definitely want to be added so I can know some more folks in the US
  5. Ah, sorry I should have been more clear -- Ronnie is short for Veronica! So the male shortage continues
  6. Hi! I'm Ronnie (short for Veronica), I'm a college student from the US, and I'm new here! I've actually been listening to Mika's music since around 2009 because my older sister introduced me to it. She would always be listening to Blame It On the Girls and Blue Eyes, so for years those were only songs of his that I listened to too. Then when I was in high school, we listened to Elle Me Dit for my French class, and that got me to look up his other music and I was hooked! I've only been really following him as a fan for about a year now. It seems like there are so few fans in the US, so I'm glad I found this place to talk to other fans!