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  1. Eva!

    I need help!

    Merci beaucoup pour ton accueil!!!
  2. Eva!

    I need help!

    Thank you it's very usefull!!!!
  3. Eva!

    I need help!

    Ahaha I didn't know that there is an introduction section!!!! How do you know Mika?
  4. Eva!

    I need help!

    Thank you !!!! I discover Mika when I was very young and, because it was the beginning of his carreer, his songs were very popular in France! I forgotten him during years and I recognized my childhood singer when I was watching The Voice!
  5. Eva!

    I need help!

    Hello, I'm Eva and I'm a french girl of 17 years old which is lost in this big forum!!! If you could give me some advices it will be nice! It's an honour to be here and to discover this place. Moreover, if you want to introduce you, it would be a pleasure to know each oder in order to create a strong group/team. Thank you !!!! Eva
  6. Eva!

    Welcome all newbies to MFC!!!

    I am a little bit lost but this forum seems to be full of love!