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  1. Akudanah


    Thanks i will, nice to meet you sabine ❤ Ok i should take your advice to improve my english thanks ❤
  2. Akudanah


    Hi, thanks I hope that too I absolutely will 😂❤
  3. Akudanah


    Nice to meet you too and thank you sara ❤❤ I hope too
  4. Akudanah


    I love you name and i want to see Italy one day ❤, such a nice of you thanks 🙏 iam happy to know you too
  5. Akudanah


    Ohhh goood i love you such a beautiful picture i just started yelling when i saw it I think he have an Arabian eyes 👀 I love what you did ❤❤❤
  6. Akudanah


    Hi, i wil Thank you ❤
  7. Akudanah


    Hello everybody iam glad to join with you today iam happy to be part of this. Abot how i descoverd mika hmm i saw video on YouTube and i loved his character even before hearing his songs and i just started watching more videos with big love and started listening his songe "i love his songs" and the stalker inside me just started his work xD I spend a lot of time reading about him on comments on wiki and looing for his twitter, Instagram, website, YouTube. I saw his vidioes and fans vidioes By the way I love his Arabian clothes i felt so happy as Arabian fan 🌻🌻 I am not very good in English, i want to say more but no words could help me so i just want to say iam really really love mika. انه شخص رائع وروحه جميلة جدا ان الإستماع الى اغانيه كل صباح و مساء يجعلني سعيدة انا حقا محظوظة لأني أعرفه 🌻❤