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  1. We are sitting in the cafe in front if Grand Hall outside.... brrrr... I could not recognize anyone in the line there.
  2. I can arrive at 17 and bring the papers, but I will not be able to print instructions.
  3. Sure for both! See you soon and enjoy Bruxelles
  4. I am travelling and back on the 12th. I will check then which colours are missing and buy it.
  5. I am sitting also in the gold row 13 "gradin N" and I am happy to help also with printing from home! Looking forward
  6. No reports yet so let me write one. What a show! I picked this one because I have a friend who lives in St. Etienne, so it was a good excuse for a short trip. We arrived at the venue around 6PM and I was pleasantly surprised but also concerned by how short the queue was. Everything was very organised and calm. The St. Etienne Zenith is a good large venue. We panicked for a second because my tickets for some reasons were not recognized and they had to call a manager. Luckily she let us is....what a disappointment it would have been. They were just bought with French Ticketmaster and printed, so not sure what the problem was.... We ended up getting a nice spot in the parterre in the centre. I think the centre is definetly the best spot to see this show, since this is where Mika spends most of his time and also where the piano pops up. Looks like the show was quite similar to the ones in the previous days in France. During Big Girl he said that those people in Heaven (meaning those who had a seat) felt very far away, so he started running around all the way to the upper seats since he said he wanted to get to know them. Everyone was again very polite, apart from a woman that at the end was making it hard for him to go back to the parterre. She was quite annoying in my opinion. When he got back to stage he said that one person in the parterre got to know him a little bit too well A girl in front row gave him a green t-shirt from St. Etienne football. He said It was the first time in his life he was wearing a football shirt. He then said that green (colour of the t-shirt) and blue (colour of his pants) do not go well together, so he took off his shirt....and I agree with what Karen says. He is really hot! The setlist was probably the same as in Aix. Paloma is breathtaking. Happy ending off mic was as always good, but not as emotional as in London for some reason. During underwater he asked those sitting to turn on the lights of their phones. He started with those in the last row, and then everyone else. As always it looked really really beautiful. At the beginning of the show he said he woke up with a huge cold so he had to empty all the pharmacies he could find And it was also super cold in St. Etienne! The energy was very high though and the place turned out to be sold out. A mixed crowd with also a lot of old couples, where you could definetly see that the husbands were just dragged by the wives So overall great great show. The only thing I did not like was the DJ who opened the show at 8PM. I wonder why he was chosen: so unelegant and ordinary. Totally the opposite of Mika
  7. I sent you a message. I would like to buy it