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  1. yes Verona for me too. I also tried several browsers to make sure that was not the problem...
  2. Is everyone else using this form: https://www.rimborso.info/voucher/verifica.php when I enter the email and voucher code it tells me "Attenzione: dati non trovati" And of course I am putting email and voucher number they sent.... I guess I can only email them hoping for an answer before the deadline.
  3. Unfortunately when I enter the voucher number it says it is not found anybody else had the same problem?
  4. I completely agree! Me and my daughter were completely captured by the whole thing. It really felt like Mika was there dancing and singing for us And those stories....so so touching.
  5. Indeed. With Verona (ticketmaster) I got a voucher. TIcketone did not even write back and I received zero notifications' emails.
  6. I am not even sure it will be live. Maybe it is pre-produced and shown in YouTube?
  7. Did any of you who bought tickets for this event get the voucher? I bought tickets from ticketone, filled the online reimboursement form before July 31st and did not hear anything yet. Thanks!
  8. We are sitting in the cafe in front if Grand Hall outside.... brrrr... I could not recognize anyone in the line there.
  9. I can arrive at 17 and bring the papers, but I will not be able to print instructions.
  10. Sure for both! See you soon and enjoy Bruxelles
  11. I am travelling and back on the 12th. I will check then which colours are missing and buy it.
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