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    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    That's it!!! voice France on TF1 from 09 February at 9pm Each Saturday From Facebook "The Voice: la plus belle voix"
  2. The Voice France on TF1 from 09 February at 9pm.
    Every Saturday :excite:


  3. Ysara 22


    Hello Gabrielle Welcome to the MFC! I am Ysara 22 from Belgium Have fun
  4. Ysara 22

    MIKA Memes

    When Mika thinks for the first time of "Sound of an Orchestra"
  5. Special guest 🐭


    1. Paoletta


      :wink2:special friends

  6. Ysara 22

    Hello there MFC-ers!

    Hello Eliza, Welcome to the MFC! I am Ysara 22 and I come from Belgium. Have fun
  7. I was going to remove the advertisement when I saw that... :wub2:




  8. Beautiful sky this morning :original:


  9. Today, lunar eclipse in Belgium :bleh: 

     Sorry for the pictures, they are of poor quality :thumbdown:

    It will remain visible until 7:00 am.



  10. New family members :wub2: :fangurl:



  11. image.thumb.jpeg.5a0913818dd09a20b17e2924ab1f8084.jpeg



    1. Paoletta


      wooow thanks for photo and scanner !!!:thumb_yello:

  12. Philosophy exam tomorrow. Not so fun :shocked:



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    2. Paoletta


      :pray: Oh my God... good luck

    3. Paoletta


      i hope you're  exam go well . Do you study hard for this exam?

    4. Ysara 22

      Ysara 22

      I think the exam was good.
      I studied about four days :hypo:

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    2. Paoletta


      :no:oh poor you . you can try with subtiteles yes :dunno:

    3. Ysara 22

      Ysara 22

      I'm watching the show just to see Mika but it's true that I would like to understand :naughty:

      Some scenes are special if we don't understand ... :dunno:

    4. sara09


      Don't know if you already found this, but here's the link to the MFC Subs Team thread: 

      If you click on "Videos in Italian" and you check under both 2016 and 2017 you can find all the subtitled episodes! :)

  13. I think this clock looks like a vintage decor in Stasera Casa Mika, right?



  14. Sound of an Orchestra 😍 🎼 🎹


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    2. Ysara 22

      Ysara 22

      @Irem Aytepe Yes, it costs 55€ :tears:

    3. Dominika


      It's more like sound of money :lol3:

    4. Paoletta


      @Dominika :yes: yes sound of money :dunno:

  15. image.thumb.jpeg.f3a37a72235f439c29c9bb26ab9b3890.jpeg

    1. Paoletta


      yeeees!! life is good maybe sometimes not but in generally is good yes :thumb_yello:

  16. I have no chance.

    For Christmas, I bought a book for my mom. She received it a few days before Christmas so I was bought another book.

    Now tonight, before she reads it, we hear the end in a tv show ... :doh:

    1. giraffeandy


      Spoilers on a TV show? What's the name of the book, is it a famous one?

    2. Ysara 22

      Ysara 22

      @giraffeandy The book is in French : "Avant toi".

      It was adapted into film and we saw the summary and the end in a Belgian show called : "Vu à la télé".



    3. giraffeandy


      I've read it and saw the movie! I didn't like the second book and haven't read the third one yet but the first book is really good, I've read it twice. I know it's bad when you know the ending but I think you can still enjoy the story as it isn't a crime/detective story where the end is the most important part, here it's more about the process...

  17. Ysara 22

    Tour rumours 2019

    I really hope that Mika will pass through Belgium or near the Belgian-French border
  18. 2 months:wub2: :blush-anim-cl:



  19. Ysara 22

    Tour rumours 2019

    If Mika starts a tour, it will be after The Voice-France, in my opinion. Maybe he will announce it during the live The Voice?
  20. Ysara 22

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    The return of Frédéric Longbois He starts the animation in second part of emission. https://www.programme-tv.net/news/evenement/the-voice-8/222929-the-voice-8-on-vous-dit-tout-sur-letonnant-retour-de-frederic-longbois-dans-le-tele-crochet-de-tf1/
  21. Ysara 22

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    New article in the press https://www.programme-tv.net/news/evenement/the-voice-8/221614-the-voice-8-suspens-tensions-larmes-on-a-assiste-aux-k-o-de-mika/ Traduction: "Télé-Loisirs attended the new selection stage of The Voice 8, this Tuesday, December 18th. A shooting night dedicated to Mika's talents." " "Very good singing will not be enough to pass this stage," says Julien Clerc to one of the talents of Mika. Yes because this Tuesday, December 18, were turning at the Studio du Lendit, in Saint-Denis, K.O Mika in The Voice 8! On this occasion, Télé-Loisirs slipped behind the scenes to discover, live, this new stage tele-hook TF1. As a reminder, the K.O come to replace the final audition. So what is this rule especially thought by the production Itv Studio France?" "After the blind auditions, Mika, Julien Clerc, Jenifer and Soprano have 18 talents in their team. After the K.O, they must have only 8. For this, they must keep only six at the end of K.O and have the opportunity to steal two in another team. During their K.O, the coaches will sing, one by one, all their talents. At the end of each performance, they analyze their performance and have three possibilities: qualify the talent for the Battles, eliminate it or send it in the red zone (if they have a doubt). At the end of the performances of all the talents, the coaches can decide to integrate one or more talents of this red zone in their team for the Battles or to eliminate them." "To have attended, no doubt, this stage makes the show rise in intensity. Few talents did not have the tear in their eyes, during the reflection of their coach, and we understand ... The evening was decisive for their future in The Voice. Pressure, suspense, twists, moments of TV and emotion, that's what we saw! For once, at the beginning of the adventure, the coaches make choices in relation to the talents, without comparing them to each other. A very complicated process to live for coaches and talents." "Not easy to say no. Nor simple to explain that despite a golden voice, a talent will not go to the Battles. To get the pill, Mika tried to be the most diplomatic and benevolent possible! But eyes in the eyes, in front of a person in tears and trembling, it was terrible for him to assume his choices. "I see in your eyes that I'm hurting you, you're not ready and I do not want to ruin you and I do not want to hurt you later," he explains to one of his protégés." "You have to be a good psychologist on this event and that's what Mika did. On the other hand, he struggled to soften the discomfort of the red zone. This bench in the heart of the public on which talents, who have not convinced but not totally disappointed, waiting to wait for their coach to decide their fate. Mika has multiplied the round trips to reassure his foals. At the end of the shoot, the Lebanese singer was K.O! Note that the K.O will be declined in four emissions. A show dedicated to each coach. A step that could be cleavant ... It remains to be seen if each component will fascinate the same number of viewers." Traduction via Goggle traduction.