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  1. Happy Easter !!!!! 🐣






    J'ai pas envie, j'ai pas envie, j'ai pas envie d'être confinée,

    J'ai pas envie, j'ai pas envie... Si tu aimes, ne vient pas me l'dire (en chantant) !!! 😅



  3. He looks like an angel up there :cloud:



    1. Paoletta


      @Ysara 22:cloud: fly Mika fly against the wind.. 

  4. Today, I heard Mika's music "Ice Cream" and I thought about what he said during one of his concerts: despite the worries, the rocks that fall on us and knock us down, we must dance! And if you think you're tired, that you can't take it anymore, dance !!!

    So, in the middle of this coffee shop on this rainy and sad day, I danced seated on a chair! :lmfao: I follow Mika's advice. I think people must have had a good laugh at the security cameras but I needed some comfort.



  5. In one of my dreams, I met Mika in a performance hall (I don't know why) and I just said thank you. And he heard, he listened It's stupid but I would really like to thank him one day in person for saving me a few years ago and still now
  6. Francofolies de Spa in july :thumb_yello:


  7. :wub2:






    1. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      What is it about?

    2. Ysara 22

      Ysara 22

      @Irem Aytepe it's about the show in Luxembourg :wink2: 

    3. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe


  8. And you, have you been to see Mika in Brussels?
  9. For jewelry, I make some with wooden beads. I have no links regarding these Unfortunately, I could not go to see Mika in Brussels but I went to see him in Luxembourg I show you some pieces that I created
  10. Hello welcome to the MFC ! I also come from Belgium
  11. On the Mikasound website, the album is only available in digital version It also says : digital downloads are only available to U.S. customers... https://shopus.mikasounds.com/products/mika-live-from-brooklyn-steel-digital-album?variant=32242114068568
  12. Here is what I found There are also photos in the article. http://www.lessentiel.lu/fr/divertissement/musique/story/une-communion-pop-avec-mika-roi-du-show-10943095 Translation with Google : A pop communion with Mika, king of the show ! ESCH-BELVAL - On Wednesday, the pop singer had an appointment with his fans at the Rockhal. For a colorful and generous show. "Luxembourg, it's been a while. The last time, the room was smaller but it sang loudly, ”Mika remembered, just to motivate the troops. If he has not released an album for five years, the Briton with perfect French has gained popularity, "The Voice" having been there. A scenography made of drawings and sculptures opened on a stage projection, allowing the native of Beirut to follow the choreographies, to move sensually in his arched royal blue costume or to rise with his piano, on " Tiny Love ”. "I am superstitious and jealous" If he loves wearing glamorous and eccentric outfits, Mika also knows how to drop the mask. With his fifth album released last October, "My name is Michael Holbrook", the 36-year-old singer and a most personal album offered. "I am superstitious and jealous" admitted in the preamble to "Dear Jalousy" the one who broke a declaration of love to his parents, the "Adam & Eve of his Big Bang". Charismatic showman, Mika offered real communion to his audience. His first hits contributed to this, and the star took a walkabout on "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)", made the whole Rockhal dance with "Relax (Tale It Easy)", "Origin of Love" or "Love Today" . Without forgetting his biggest hit, "Grace Kelly", as a reminder, with his release of balloons." C.B. (29/01/2020). Une communion pop avec Mika, roi du show ! Retriewed from http://www.lessentiel.lu/fr/divertissement/musique/story/une-communion-pop-avec-mika-roi-du-show-10943095
  13. Come back with lots of memories (for my collection too) :wub2:






    1. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      Second one 😍😍😍

  14. Mika's concert in Luxembourg was just ... Wow !!! :wub2:

    I was lucky to be very close to the stage :excite:
    I loved the story that accompanied the concert, as did the sets. The atmosphere was present; the fans sang and danced to the music of Mika :dance_man: Mika, he seemed to be having fun. Lots of joy and laughter during this concert.

    At the end of the latter, I was ready to start again :teehee:


    I did not stay to wait for Mika at the end of the concert.


    Thank you Mika for this beautiful concert :fangurl:














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    2. Mikasister


      Glad you spent a wonderful night!! :wink2::welcomeani:

    3. Paoletta


      🤗 @Ysara yes Mika live is a kind og magic i agree with you .. i see him in november in Torino so i'm always in a blob with him

    4. Presci1108


      You're totally right :cloud:

  15. That's it, the concert in Luxembourg is tomorrow :excite::yay:





  16. A gift from a friend :wub2:



  17. For the weather next Wednesday, I saw that it was going to rain, with wind. The temperatures will vary between 4 and 7 ° C. The weather will not be great to queue, but the morale of the fans will be there I think
  18. Hi, welcome to the MFC
  19. Hello, welcome to MFC (Mika Fan Club)
  20. Only two weeks before the show in Luxembourg :excite:

    1. Paoletta


      i glad for you