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  1. Je suis déçue de ne pas avoir participé à l'interview même si je n'aurai rien compris Le fonctionnement d'Instagram reste un mystère pour moi (je ne poste quasiment rien). Pour l'histoire de l'oie sauvage, quelqu'un a une théorie ?
  2. I wish you a happy birthday Mika ! :partytime2: :yay: :happybday:

    Every day, for the Mika's birthday, my mother prepares a delicious couscous that we eat with the family. This is not a Lebanese dish but it is very good :teehee:

    Who says birthday, also says cake! This year, I chose a cottage cheese cake,whith a mint tea :tea:


  3. Another article in french about Tiny Love from "Charts in France" http://www.chartsinfrance.net/MIKA/news-111033.html
  4. An article about Tiny Love by the radio RFM (in french) http://www.rfm.fr/news/Mika-Decouvrez-sa-nouvelle-chanson-Tiny-Love-16914
  5. Tiny Love :mf_lustslow:




    1. Paoletta


      :cheer:yeah!! finally thank Mika!!!!

  6. August :glasses3:


    1. Paoletta


      the 18 august is Mika's birthday :yay:deja 36 years is Always beautiful man in the world nothing is better than Mika

  7. As @Marie-christine Suire said, we do not have enough volunteers to shoot the flashmob I thank you all for contributing to the project and giving so much energy for the construction of this project
  8. Nice job but a little question : why have you named the boxes by "rendez-vous amoureux" and "ventilateur" ?
  9. It's really a great choreography. Thank you for sharing it Now, I personally find that some steps take a lot of room for their realization and, since we will a priori not large groups, it may not give a nice effect. Or, for the rest, I think it's great. You had to train a long time ...
  10. Before asking permissions at concert venues, we have to know if we do the flashmob it and where we will have enough people. The request will, in addition, be very precise if we want a chance of agreement 🍀
  11. Of course I participate! I will be at the concert in Luxembourg
  12. I'm tired of my graduation work :shocked::blowup::sleep_1:



  13. Of course, you can propose your choreography! Everyone is welcome to propose ideas and participate
  14. Hello everyone, I present you my beloved animals. First of all, here is Enzo! He's a Doberman and he's old. He is very friendly, even a little too much Enzo was adopted, like my guinea pigs. Then here is Moustache, a long-haired guinea pig. He is very active. He plays the leader but he is afraid of everything Finally, here is Pipo, the "rosette"-haired guinea pig. He is calm and sleeps most of the time. He lets himself be hugged but not long It is now 7 months since I adopted my two guinea pigs. They have always been together.
  15. We would now need a list of participants. It is imperative to know if there will be enough people for each concert.
  16. I love your choreography! And I agree with you that we have to move if we want to make the flashmob in each concert
  17. Hello :bye:

    Here is a new creation inspired by hot countries like the south of France.
    This necklace is made with olive wood beads, colored glass beads, white plastic beads. The colorful and white pearls bring freshness to the whole necklace.




    The central bead is metal. The pompom is decorated with a cicada from the south of France, tied with sewing thread and small golden pearls reminiscent of the pompon.


    The peculiarity of olive wood pearls is that they naturally smell of olive oil, which adds a Provençal side :original:



    What do you think about this ? :D

    1. Paoletta


      @Ysara 22oh i think is wonderfullll , Amazing , good :thumb_yello:

    2. Loo


      Very nice, especially the coloured pearls!

  18. July :thumb_yello: 



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      :thumb_yello:@Ysara 22 beautiful!!!!

  19. You know what that means ... Ice cream for everyone :glasses3: 🍦


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      yes but also ice tea :yes:

  20. Lollipop:lg:

     I'm happy to have found this vintage box and that makes me think of Mika :wub:



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      Love It! :wub2:

    2. Paoletta



  21. I find it good. For the explosive side, we can change the steps of chorus (le refrain).
  22. Good idea it should also list people wanting to participate
  23. I thought to do this in the morning or early afternoon at the concert venue (parking or field nearby) to prevent precisely that there is the world. In big cities, one could learn to do it in a well-defined place.
  24. Yes I was thinking of doing a flashmob at each concert, provided there are enough participants of course