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  1. 4 hours ago, Marie-christine Suire said:
    13/09/2019 NEW YORK - Etats Unis ACIER BROOKLYN  
    15/09/2019 Montréal Canada THÉÂTRE CORONA  
    16/09/2019 Montréal Canada THÉÂTRE CORONA  
    18/09/2019 SAN FRANCISCO - Etats Unis LE FILLMORE  
    21/09/2019 LOS ANGELES - Etats Unis LE THÉÂTRE À L'HÔTEL ACE  
    24/09/2019 MEXIQUE - Mexique PLAZA CONDESA  
    10/11/2019 LONDRES - Royaume Uni SHEPHERD'S BUSH ENPIRE  
    12/11/2019 BARCELONE - Espagne RAZZMATAZZ  
    13/11/2091 MADRID- Espagne LA RIVIERA  
    15/11/2019 PAU - France ZÉNITH  
    16/11/2019 TOULOUSE - France ZÉNITH  
    18/11/2019 AIX EN PROVENCE - France L'ARENA DU PAYS D'AIX ELVARAAA - Chloé
    19/11/2019 SAINT ETIENNE - France ZÉNITH  
    21/11/2019 GENEVE - Suisse SEG GENÈVE ARENA  
    22/11/2019 ZURICH - Suisse KIMPLEX 457  
    24/11/2019 TURIN - Italie PALA ALPITOUR  
    26/11/2019 ANCONA - Italie PROMENTEO PALACE  
    27/11/2019 ROME - Italie PALALOTTOMATICA  
    29/11/2019 BOLOGNE - Italie UNIPOL ARENA GUILIA221b -Guilia
    30/11/2019 MONTICHIARI - Italie PALAGEORGE  
    12/02/2019 LIVOURNE - Italie FORUM MODIGLIANI  
    03/12/2019 MILAN - Italie FORUM MEDOLANUM  
    14/12/2019 BRUXELLES - Belgique FOREST NATIONAL  
    15/12/2019 LILLE - France ZÉNITH  
    17/12/2019 DIJON - France ZÉNITH  
    19/12/2019 BORDEAUX - France ARKEA ARENA  
    20/12/2019 NANTES - France ZÉNITH  
    22/12/2019 Paris, France ACCORHOTELS ARENA MARIE CHRISTINE - Marie
    24/01/2020 CAEN - France ZÉNITH MARIE CHRISTINE - Marie
    25/01/2020 NIORT - France L'ACCLAMEUR  
    30/01/2020 MONTBELIARD - France L'AXONE  
    01/02/2020 PADOUE - Italie KIOENE  
    02/02/2020 BOLZANO - Italie PALAONDA  
    05/02/2020 NAPOLI - Italie PALAPARTENOPE  
    07/02/2020 BARI - Italie PALAFLORIO  
    14/02/2020 STRASBOURG - France ZÉNITH PRESCI1180

    Nice job but a little question : why have you named the boxes by "rendez-vous amoureux" and "ventilateur" ? :blink:

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  2. 3 hours ago, Giulia221b said:


    So this is my choreography, I hope I uploaded the video in the right way.

    I know I look like a robot but I was trying to remember the steps without making mistakes😂

    I integrated some of the original steps into the choreography and I tried to make it accessible to everyone. If in the end we decide to use my choreography or part of it, I can also make a tutorial to explain every step if necessary. Let me know what you think about it! :D 

    It's really a great choreography. Thank you for sharing it :clap:
    Now, I personally find that some steps take a lot of room for their realization and, since we will a priori not large groups, it may not give a nice effect.

    Or, for the rest, I think it's great. You had to train a long time ... :)


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  3. Before asking permissions at concert venues, we have to know if we do the flashmob it and where we will have enough people.

    The request will, in addition, be very precise if we want a chance of agreement 🍀

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  4. On 7/13/2019 at 11:05 AM, Giulia221b said:

    I like your choreography!😍

    I me too thought of a choreography, but if everyone agrees we can use yours! Would you like to see mine as well?

    Of course, you can propose your choreography! Everyone is welcome to propose ideas and participate :naughty:

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  5. Hello everyone,

    I present you my beloved animals.
    First of all, here is Enzo! He's a Doberman and he's old. He is very friendly, even a little too much :sweatdrop: Enzo was adopted, like my guinea pigs.





    Then here is Moustache, a long-haired guinea pig. He is very active. He plays the leader but he is afraid of everything :biggrin2:



    Finally, here is Pipo, the "rosette"-haired guinea pig. He is calm and sleeps most of the time. He lets himself be hugged but not long :blush-anim-cl:




    It is now 7 months since I adopted my two guinea pigs. They have always been together.



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  6. 15 hours ago, Marie-christine Suire said:

    Alors j'ai pensé ..... et j'ai préparé une chorégraphie.

    Je vous rappelle que je ne suis pas une danseuse et qu'il a fallu toute la volonté que je ne connaissais même pas moi-même pour m'inscrire.

    C'est simple, mais c'est peut-être trop répétitif. J'ai encore intégré les "étapes" de la corvée de Mika.

    Maintenant, vous devez améliorer, modifier ou proposer autre chose.


    Le premier concert est le 13 septembre ...... si nous voulons un "flash mob" identique pour tous les concerts ("esprit de partage de l'unité" ce serait tellement mieux), il est urgent de faire des propositions et urgent faire un choix pour que les participants profitent de l’été pour s’entraîner!



    I love your choreography! And I agree with you that we have to move if we want to make the flashmob in each concert :yes:


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  7. 16 minutes ago, Marie-christine Suire said:

    It could be very good for "couplets". :dance_man:
    But for the whole piece I think it's too repetitive.  :no:
    It would have to move more (a little explosive) for the chorus!    :woot_jump:

    I find it good. For the explosive side, we can change the steps of chorus (le refrain).

  8. 3 minutes ago, Marie-christine Suire said:

    You who is a dancer,   :dance_man:can you prepare us a choreography (quite simple ...) including some steps of Ice Cream ???  🍧

    Can you film yourself and post the video in this subject, so that we start to repeat .....  :dance_man:

    I think that only once a choreography will be chosen, more Fans will want to participate!   :group_hug:

    Good idea it should also list people wanting to participate :thumb_yello:

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  9. 27 minutes ago, Mikasister said:


    Ok but are you sure you'll have room to dance? and if there are chairs? because where I'm going I could not do it since the venue will be full of crowded people 

    I thought to do this in the morning or early afternoon at the concert venue (parking or field nearby) to prevent precisely that there is the world. In big cities, one could learn to do it in a well-defined place.

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  10. On 15 juin 2019 at 12:00 AM, Marie-christine Suire said:


     Silver posted this video in the subject Ice Cream .... I do not know how they did it, but that's it "the idea" no ??  

    Yes, that's what should be done, it's the idea :bleh:

  11. 4 minutes ago, Elvaraaa said:

    Hello! Venez sur le thread Ice Cream! On organise une video commune !!

    Après je pensais faire une flashmob basée sur les différents concerts et pas les différentes villes car certains d'entre nous ne peuvent pas participer suite à une mauvaise proximité 😉

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