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  2. He sang this song in Russia more than once. As you can see, nothing terrible happened.And everyone understood everything.
  3. In Russia they understand the meaning of the song about Billy Brown
  4. "Nel suo ultimo disco, "My name is Michael Holbrook", c'è una canzone dedicata proprio al Festival, "Sanremo"." 😄😄
  5. Thanks. So I can not understand what kind of show I expect, because it is not clear in what hall, large or small it will be. The site says-box. What's it? And another question.The Rockhall website says: Every ticket you buy for a show here in Rockhal is valid for free public transport throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Use this as it helps prevent pollution and also avoids you getting stuck in traffic before and after the show.Your concert ticket = your travel ticket. This service is provided to You in cooperation with the local transport authority. So why bother with the car ... when all you have to do is show your concert ticket (hard ticket or e-ticket) to take a free train or bus through the Grand Duchy to Rockhall and back. Can anyone from the local residents explain how it works?
  6. "Hello @Irina Samoylova although I love the cyrillic way of writing, would it be possible for you to translate your message in english please ? We are not english but this is the language we use to communicate together 😉... Thanks you - Spasiba !" I wrote in English. I do not understand why it is written in Cyrillic.I wanted to know what time the concert started. What time do the doors open?And is it known whether it will be a Revelation or a Tiny Love Tour, as it was in Spain?