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  1. Update about Mika's articles for XL Repubblica


    Hello Everybody,


    I found some more English versions of Mika's articles for XL Repubblica.

    Well 3 of them I translated from Italian using google translator with some manual corrections.


    Anyway I think they are very interesting and worth to read.


    @Ellys could you add it to you PDF file? it is easier to print it if people cannot use Microsoft Word.



    Mika artykul XL eng.docx



    1. silver


      You do know there are threads about XL Repubblica?  With translations?





    2. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Hi @silver Yes, I know. I've already mentioned it in my first status about these articles. And I added both links.

      The idea was to put all English versions together in a sort of a spreadsheet to read it easily. 

      On the XL Repubblica threads there are only links and it is not comfortable to read it.

      For more new fans may not find it easily.

      I've printed it for me and now I can take it with me and read it as I wish :lol3: