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  1. Hi everybody,


    I need your help now.

    I wanted to make a list of any charity and social action Mika undertook during the years.

    What I remember is:


    UNHCR for refugees

    in Italy and France - against bullying at schools

    a video for Haiti earthquake victims

    Imagine for Margot 



    Can you add anything else? I have a feeling that I missed something.


    Thank you for your help!!!!!   :flowers2:


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    2. crazyaboutmika
    3. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Thank you very much @crazyaboutmika  !!!! This is what I was looking for. I have never seen this thread before. 

      And I can see a loooooot of things to read :yes:



      snoopy thank you.gif

    4. crazyaboutmika


      We have so many threads :naughty:

      You're very welcome :huglove:

      Eriko is doing a wonderful job here :thumb_yello:

      We also have a thread where you can ask anything Mika related :wink2: