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  1. People start voting from the beginning of the show. So even if the artist sings as the last one his "fanbase" votes during the whole manche. So I don't think the performance of the artist can count so much to change the result. We know how it works even with MIka fanbase. We organize massive voting, we listen to the streaming ect ect. Just to put MIka as high as possible. La Melancholia for sure has a big fanbase and this is so strange that more people voted for NAIP than for them after the TILT. Well, we will never know what really happened. As Mika said La
  2. I found this video right now on YouTube. Nice to see the old squad. Is this the first thing Mika did in the studio?
  3. Don't worry. Mika has his superpowers. He can do all of them I have a confirmation that he was in the studio today. Next working day is Monday. Then they will continue in January.
  4. So today the prerecording of the Voice 10th anniversary season has started in Paris !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I read in the social media that people are complaining about the second voting. It seems they were not able to vote because they had a notion " "Error" while choosing La Melancholia. . Well, maybe so many fans were voting for them that they blown up the system ? It would be sad to know that NAIP won just because of the system problems. But on the other hand the result is really unexpected!
  6. I think everybody is shocked. Nobody expected elimination of the one of the best performers. A short video how it happened.
  7. Yes, I think too that this is Elvis It looks like he doesn't like his Samsung Z Fold from X Factor sponsor and he has to hide his iphone logo
  8. I can't wait to hear NAIP as the most punk of the whole X Factor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. A new Daily video. In the first part participants will sing with a feminin orchestra. For NAIP it will be an Adriano Celentano song "Storia d'amore". If NAIP goes to the second part he will sing his own song (in punk style) "Partecipo".
  10. Mika consoling Vergo during the break. twitter_20201121_113957.mp4
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