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  1. Thiz W

    Origin of Love - new song

    I love your analysis! And the comparison of Mika to Erasure! They both have those uplifting melodies, but sometimes dark lyrics! Thanks for the Latin lyrics😁
  2. Thiz W

    Helluuuu 😀😀

    Hi Carina! Welcome! I'm so sorry about your mom, but I hope Mika helps🙂 I love all those musicians you listen to!!!!! It's funny that Mika has been compared to Freddie Mercury and we like both of them😀
  3. Thiz W

    Party in Paris !

    This is such a great idea! 👏👏
  4. Thiz W

    Hello Newly Found Friends!!!

    Hi Liv! Nice to meet you! I'm from the USA too and also have never joined a forum before, so you're not alone😀
  5. Thiz W

    Hi from a new member

    I love those eyebrows!😂
  6. Thiz W

    US American Thread Part VI

    Hi all! Wow this is from 2013 XD Um...I've never been on one of these forums before, but hopefully it's okay to still reply this this thing. Kreacher: May I be a member of the list? (Also does your name have relevance to the Harry Potter character?)
  7. Thiz W

    Hi from a new member

    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be part of this community! I was debating with myself for a couple months whether I should get an account and I finally decided to a couple days ago! I'm a teen from the USA and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mika. I've known about him since I was 8, when my mom showed me Elle Me Dit, Lollipop, and Blame It On The Girls, but since I wasn't adept with the internet back then, I didn't listen to his other songs. As I got older, I still had a soft spot for the few songs I knew he'd made and that I had listened to when I was younger, but his music wasn't at the forefront of my mind. Recently, I thought of him again and went looking for his songs. The past bunch of months, I've become infatuated with his sound and he seems like such an awesome guy! I've basically been listening to him on repeat without much other music. Since almost no one I know actually knows Mika (I've been ranting to everyone I know about how cool he is) I'm happy to join a community of people who share my feelings for this fantastic guy and hopefully make some friends!