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  1. Bluebirdo


    Hey Paola, Welcome to MFC. have fun! 😄
  2. I live near Cologne. 😊
  3. Hey guys, First: please don't judge me if I write something wrong. I'm from Germany and my English isn't the best. 😅 Sooooo.... My name is Carina and like I already said I'm from Germany. I finally decided to join this fanclub because.... Well I don't really know. 😂 I just love Mika like you... I started listening to Mika 2 months ago. One day i wanted to listen to Grace Kelly. (I dont even know why 😂) I listened to this song for a few days over and over again. Normally I don't listen to 'new' music. Normally I listen to Bowie, Queen, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones... But 2 months ago I stopped listening to music. Why? Because my mother died. I couldn't listen to music for 3 weeks. Normally music means everything to me. But every artist I Liked reminded me of her. I still can't listen to my normal music. Well when the 3 weeks were over I thought: Didnt I listened to a song from this guy? Wasn't his name Mika? I should listen more from him! Thats how I became a Mika fan. He helps me through very hard times. Well I'm glad that I joined the fanclub. I hope I find some new friends here. 😊😅 (Sorry if I wrote to much) ~Carina 😀
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