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  1. Hi guys... Happy Saturday... 

  2. Hi guys... Happy start of new week my friends... by Paoletta

    Heya Hello GIF by Digital Pratik

    1. Dominika


      Paoletta have a good week too! You have really nice profile photo :swoon:

    2. Paoletta


      @Dominika aww thanks... my friend. :hug: you too... 

  3. Hi guys!! Happy Halloween Trick Or Treat Cat GIF by Flossquiat

  4. Hi guys... Good Monday 

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Buona settimana Paoletta :huglove:

  5. Hi @mellody  you know you are the same year as my brother? that I lost in a bad accident twelve years ago :emot-sad:

    1. mellody


      sorry to hear. :(

    2. Paoletta


      @mellody oh yes it was very bad .. but thanks to the music of Mika and you from the mika fan club I'm a little better .. thanks to you for accepting me :hug:

  6. Hello, Salut. Hola.. my best friend of MFC.. do you feel good? i feel good but a little worried  for Covid!!  

    I just hope that Mika is always careful about the virus ... but knowing it surely knows how to behave .. 

    how is the situation covid in your country? here tonight they publish a new decree with more restrictive measures .. look I can't take it anymore we hope it ends but it will still be long .. luckily there are you and the other guys / and from this beautiful fan club. so I spend time with you who always know how to cheer me up .. hugs and kiss by me Paola
    1. silver


      In the UK we are having regional lockdowns.  In my area there are very few cases except for one major city which seems to have a very high number of cases.  However, these are nearly all university students and they only have mild symptoms.


      I am not worried by the virus, just bored that I can't go out anywhere.  I think I will have to do all my Christmas shopping on the internet :naughty:

    2. Paoletta



      @silverI think you're bored I understand you. here in Italy they have now made other restrictions; for now no lockdown because here the cases are increasing .. hopefully good .. I salute you and thank you for everything you have done for me;) you are a wonderful person .. :hug:

  7. Hi guys.. good start to week to everybody 

    1. Dominika


      You too Paoletta! :thumb_yello:

  8. Hi I'm Paola .. maybe OM 2206 it's : On mange alle 22.06


  9. Salut.. Hi.. my friend... Hello GIF by curly_mads

  10. Hi.. my friend.. 

  11. Hi, so so sorry.. i forget your bithday.. now i wish you an Happy Birthday with a day late.. sorry

  12. Hi guys... tonight second part of x factor audition!! 😍 don't forget... 

    good continuation of the evening to everybody..

  13. ciaoo se vuoi son ritornata su instagram... ciaoo scusami e che mi piange il cuore non vedere "I love Beirut" tutto qui

    1. Gabry74


      Ciao @Paoletta, ho letto il tuo messaggio in direct e ti ho risposto. Come ti ho scritto nella pagina italiana, prendi il biglietto con il fuso orario dell'Asia, così lo potrai vedere domani mattina. 

    2. Paoletta
  14. ciao Gabry mi son tolta istagram xchè non mi piace.. ti seguo qui... scusa 

    1. Gabry74


      OK @Paoletta, tranquilla! 

  15. Ciaoo anna ma è vero secondo te che adottano?


    1. Anna-is-golden


      Ciao! Non lo so...è un procedimento lungo, io spero che prima o poi riescano ad avverare il loro sogno ma non è mai una cosa facile🥰

    2. Paoletta


      @Anna-is-golden non è vero... @Gabry74 mi ha spiegato tutto magari un giorno ma non ora!! scusami

  16. Hi guys.. 

    with great regret I announce that I leave this forum ... I do not accept that Mika has a son goodbye it was nice while it lasted goodbye


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    2. Paoletta


      @TinyLove_CJ no .. is fake...  yes also me but is a fake @Elena Mastro tell me that is a  fake 

    3. TinyLove_CJ


      I did wonder 😁

      You could fill a book with the amount of articles I've read in the past saying that Mika is married with children, a lot of the gossip websites are just so ridiculous! 😂

    4. Starlight


      Who does always come up with stupid stuff like that :lmao:

  17. Ciaoo Bea:thumb_yello:

    1. Beatrixxx_always
    2. Paoletta


      @Beatrixxx_always woow anche tu di Torino!! io son della provincia ...

    3. Beatrixxx_always


      Si, sono di Torino... Anche se da un mese mi sono trasferita ad Asti!🌟

  18. 200.gifHi guys... finally September is come!!! good start of month everyone...:cheer::partytime2: just two weeks and xfactor start!! i'm happy 

  19. Ciaoo 🖐️ piacere mi chiamo Paola... benvenuta in questo bellissimo forum... 

  20. 🖐️ Hi guys.. today is dog day..


    lazy dog GIF

  21. Good monday guys!!! tomorrow is Mika Birthday!!! i hope that Mika give a sign i miss him... i need him.. without Mika is nothing.. i'm sad and afraid for Mika Sad Cartoon GIFsalut... by me paoletta


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    2. Prisca


      The situation will become better. 🙏

    3. Paoletta


      @Prisca hello! you're right.. Mika make something from Beirut... he explained it on brodcast on instagram.. 🙏

    4. Prisca


      Thank you, I saw it. 😀🙏

  22. Hi guys Good mid August to all of this fan club!!

  23. Hi guys.. i wish you a Good night of San Lorenzo ... :hug:🌟

    1. EzPz_german_squeezy


      Good night to you!:blush-anim-cl:

  24. Hi Silver.. do you feel good i hope.. i feel good but it's too hot.. today by me  .. and today i listen "Ice cream" by Mika on Radio... 

    good night of San Lorenzofinding nemo eww GIF i hope that this year end early... 

    I can't take it anymore this year ...and also hope to meet Mika one day...🤞

    1. silver


      Very hot here too, we had a big thunderstorm this morning.  Don't worry Paoletta, things will gradually get better.  And you have X Factor to look forward to,

    2. Paoletta


      @silver oh yes... i wait... i'm very happy for x factor... 

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