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  1. Paoletta in June 2019

    i love Micheal holbrook alias Mika because he is a simple person and good guy
  2. Hi Alba!! i listen a interwiev of Mika By Freda mika is Always with Andy

    1. Mikasister


      I know @Paoletta it's his boyfriend for years :wink2:

    2. Paoletta


      oops i know don't speak about Andy  in this forum so sorry :doh: 

  3. Mika the BEST in the world i wait you in Torinoooo yeeee non vedo l'ora di see you in Torinoooo my only love
  4. Hello happy summer!!! by me ;) to everibody of this forum and also Happy summer to Mika the Boss ;)



  5. Paoletta

    Mika for Wired June 2019

    @Gabry74 he is Always sexy Paolo Conte is better than Malgioglio yees
  6. Paoletta

    Mika's band since 2012.

    thanks so much @miknikel
  7. Paoletta

    Mika on TV Sorrisi & Canzoni 18 June 2019

    yeah also me i haven't found no problem
  8. Paoletta

    Mika on TV Sorrisi & Canzoni 18 June 2019

    tu l'hai preso a che pagina è
  9. Paoletta

    Mika on TV Sorrisi & Canzoni 18 June 2019

    @Gabry ho preso il giornale ma Mika non c'è non è che nel prossimo numero ?
  10. I've a tickets for Mika for next 24 november yeees!!!:cheer:

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    2. Paoletta


      :wub2: because Mika is wonderful and i want to see he @ Turin my city so Mika is a fantastic person and i'm for he forever i like listen mika songs he make me feel relax and anti depressive for me ;)


    3. Ysara 22

      Ysara 22

      @Paoletta I totally agree ; Mika is an anti depressant and represents the sun during a rainy day :yes: I will see in Luxembourg.

    4. Paoletta


      :wub2: @Ysara 22 yes especially during a rainy days yes because is a positive person that like a life :cloud:he is our lion that he difens our fans


  11. Gabryyyy ce l'ho fattaaa!!! :cheer::cheer: vado a vedere Mikaaa anche io a Torino!!! preso bigliettiiii son felicissimaaaa dopo tanto faticare ci vediamo a Torinooooo ciaooooooo

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    2. Gabry74


      Dipende, non in tutti i concerti c'è il merchandising ufficiale, ma tu portati i soldi dietro e poi vedremo sul posto... Io sarò nel parterre. :wink2:

    3. Paoletta
    4. Paoletta


      ok bene nel parterre magari ci si vede io 1 settore perché ho problemi alla schiena e stare tanto in piedi mi fa fatica (ho la scoliosi problemi alla colonna) quindi seduta è meglio

  12. Ohh le girls are beautifuls  Mel and Amira forever!!!:dog:

  13. Paoletta

    Mika on TV Sorrisi & Canzoni 18 June 2019

    @Gabry74 come sempre 6 unica grazie mille un abbraccio e tantissimi baci... ah forse vengo a Torino per mika
  14. hello  who in this forum go to see Mika in Turin ?

    1. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      write on Italian thread, its better 

    2. Paoletta