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  1. Hi guys... Happy Saturday... 

  2. @mellody Mika and Emma the best!!! of this year of X factor.... the best and very nice!!! but also Manuel Agnelli is so nice!!
  3. dico solo questo: Voglio Naip sul podio della Finaleee
  4. @Kumazzz thanks... so much... Eriko
  5. Hi guys... Happy start of new week my friends... by Paoletta

    Heya Hello GIF by Digital Pratik

    1. Dominika


      Paoletta have a good week too! You have really nice profile photo :swoon:

    2. Paoletta


      @Dominika aww thanks... my friend. :hug: you too... 

  6. @mellody and @Dominika hello thank you so much... for post everything Mika does...
  7. @Prisca and @Dreamy_Queen yes absolutely agree with you... my friends
  8. oui moi aussiiii j'adore et j'adore aussi I ❤️ Beirut.. il parvient toujours à créer des spectacles inoubliables
  9. @carafon thanks i remember I love Paris beautiful concert beautiful concert as it was i love Beirut he always manages to create masterpieces
  10. @mellodypoor Mika luckily there are only four episodes left so then he can rest assured honestly it bothered me that they interrupted him just because he got the crocodile pronunciation wrong .. poor thing they made him uncomfortable. Luckily, the final is just a short distance away, so then he is calm too, starlet
  11. @mellody oh yes i'm agree with you Mika with with these clothes he stretches us out every weeks
  12. @Marit R. Nielsen oh yes beautiful Mika and Fedez.. they're the best !!!
  13. Vi segnalo su Topolino di mercoledì prossimo l'intervista al Nostro Mika!!! ciaoooo
  14. @Kumazzz thank you so much... when mika posts something I reassure myself because these days with what is around I am always a bit on the alert
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