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Status Updates posted by Paoletta

  1. Good new week!! my friends 

  2. hello my friends.. have a nice week.. this week start xfactor and also there a concert of Mika in Paris 


  3. Good Saturday eveyone


  4. Hello my friends.. good start of the week.. just a week and xfactor italia start.. :thumb_yello:

  5. Hello... salut, hola.. have a nice weekend my friends


  6. Good Weekend my friends



  8. ciaoo Anna BUON COMPLEANNO!!! Visualizza immagine di origine

  9. Happy Mid AAuguri di buon Ferragosto 2021: frasi e immagini da inviare con WhatsApp -  Prima Vercelliugust my friends...

  10. Hello good Friday.. :cool:

  11. Hello everybody.. good start of this new week.. :cool:

  12. Hi everyone. happy weekend..  :hug::cool:

    1. silver


      Happy weekend to you too

    2. Paoletta


      @silver hello my best  friend forever!!!

  13. Pray for Lebanon...:pray: Immagine

  14. Hello, salut. pinch and a  punch first of the month.. Happy August!! Month Aug GIF by Titounis the Mika's birthday is knocking at the door!!


  15. Hello evryone.. salut, hola thank you so much @dcdeb for help me.. :yes:

  16. hi.. finally with help by deb i can enter on the forum again.. 

  17. Hello eveyone.. good weekend.. waiting for new songs by our Mika!!! :cheer::lustslow:

  18. Hello.. salut.. hola.. good day.. good week everyone.. 

  19. Happy Birthday to you.. have a nice day!!! :hug:

    1. Starlight


      thank you :hug:

  20. Happy july my friends.. :hug: pinch and a punch to all of this wonderful forum... thank you very much for including me in this wonderful forum!!! it's a beautiful place with good people.. xxx Paoletta 

  21. Hello everibody.. have a nice week.. salut, hola.. ciaoo :hug:

  22. Salut, hola, hello, ciao... everybody... Happy Summer!!! by me...  to everybody and also to Mika...hot donald duck GIF

    1. Starlight


      Hot hot hot! We need some ice cream, don't we? :teehee:

    2. Paoletta


      yes-. always "Ice cream"...


  23. i wish you all a good weekend..  Paoletta The Weekend GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

    1. silver


      Thank you - hope you have a good weekend too

    2. Paoletta


      @silver yes thank my super super friend..

  24. @Prisca you saw I was right that he posted .. :thumb_yello:

  25. Hello everyone.. salut.. 

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