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  1. @lormare73 sure that you are just perfect detectives .. you have an eye for every detail where it goes mika you know how to say everything .. thank you ....
  2. @TinyLove_CJ yes i'm agree with you.. also me think the same...
  3. @mellody where is Mika.. i think he is in Greece or in London with Andy and one of his sister..
  4. Hi everyone. happy weekend..  :hug::cool:

    1. silver


      Happy weekend to you too

    2. Paoletta


      @silver hello my best  friend forever!!!

  5. @crazyaboutmika don't worry in English they say I love you even for friends. he loves this girl... only because she reposted the video
  6. Pray for Lebanon...:pray: Immagine

  7. Hello, salut. pinch and a  punch first of the month.. Happy August!! Month Aug GIF by Titounis the Mika's birthday is knocking at the door!!


  8. ciaoo amiche .. vi ricordo domani sera Concerto a Versailles vi aspetta in prima TV assoluta giovedì 29 luglio alle 21.15 su @SkyItalia #SkyUno e @NOWTV_It inoltre vi segnalo che l'evento sarà replicato sabato sempre alla stessa ora!!! . paoletta
  9. maybe he is in Paris.. for the Voice.. i'm wait.. for Mika Miguel Freddie..
  10. Hello evryone.. salut, hola thank you so much @dcdeb for help me.. :yes:

  11. hi.. finally with help by deb i can enter on the forum again.. 

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