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  1. 👋 Hello 👋 Camilla is a nice name too ! 😊 Thank you. 🤩
  2. Friday december 20, 2019 Nantes Zenith. (Sorry for my english) I hope it's understandable ! Great concert because one of the last before Bercy and Christmas. Mika has spoken a lot. He moved us, a motivated audience but zen and happy, I really appreciated it. I arrived early and I was lucky to be in front. It made the concert even more magical ! My sisters were in the stands and they were also very very happy. There were lots of funny speech, for example Mika say before Big Girl : What is good before Christmas is last friday everything is possible and more fun but someone from the public: we're on vacation and Mika says: It's clear we don't waste time tonight we dance !! The most memorable concert party was for me after Underwater because he really shared with us all his emotions. I felt like I was in school in the front row with a great teacher who looks at us and is interested to each of us. Well you understand i was in Hell with Mika lol 🤣I really had fun on Relax that's where I was able to film it. All the songs were sung so well. I love it when they make us sing. On Origin of love we waved red balloons in the shape of a heart and Mika modified her text. It was a project of young girls who also made a great cap and she did not expect that Mika take it for We are golden. It made the show even more fun. He sang us a french Christmas song (petit papa Noel) like in Bercy, it was a challenge from a friend.There have been so manyl little speeches between songs we could talk about them for hours. At the end, after greeting with his musicians, he came back to the side of the stage to take little dance steps on the music with Max. It was nice !! It was an unforgettable concert as always !! I would really like to relive this concert and think and film everything from where I was. Thanks Mika😍 !! Thank you Mika fans for reading me !!😍