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  1. miknikel

    New album Mika next year 2019

    he looks like Clint Eastwood 🙄
  2. miknikel

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    J'ai l'air malin moi maintenant, à t'expliquer ce qu'est un accroche cœur. 😂 Enfin, ça ne fait rien, c'était de bon cœur. ❤️
  3. miknikel

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Un genre de Mika Polonais , Français, Anglais au féminin quoi !
  4. miknikel

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Je me disais bien……… super alors ! Est-ce que tu habites en France ou y as-tu déjà vécu ?
  5. miknikel

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Je trouve Anna que tu parles un excellent français qui ne semble pas provenir d un translator. Quel Est ton secret ?
  6. miknikel

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Ç est sympa d avoir ce petit coin ou parler en français car il est pas toujours facile de faire passer ses émotions dans une autre que la sienne Nous ne pouvons qu admirer Mika de savoir faire ça
  7. Wko knows Yarol Poupaud ? He's great, he set fire to Macon last night. You can see me sitting on the edge of the stage dressed in blue just Under Yarol's guitar. He was one of the best guitarists in J Hallyday maybe even the best .
  8. 392.thumb.PNG.92e8fcdac914c9cc867185a9b53bdf52.PNG105.PNG.7252ff90201844611e7de49b8c5122a7.PNGIt's too beautiful not to share it with you. Do you have any other examples of the same kind ?

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    2. miknikel


      Extraordinary the dog with the fish. I think that an animal that is happy to feel loved is ready to help others be happy.

    3. miknikel


      This is happening in children's hospital in Italy.       :wub2:399.thumb.PNG.bb54b563162a53f496a4e75e656db7ff.PNG

    4. Mikasister
  9. He's got a tiger in the engine this guy.
  10. Try to tell us wich dates you will choose.
  11. Bonne anniversaire  :happybday:

    1. miknikel


      Merci beaucoup. Friendly kisses.       :cheers:   I hope one day we'll have a chance to drink together.

    2. Paoletta


      Bonne anniversaire oui chez moi :happybday:

    3. miknikel


      MERCI !!!  It would be with such pleasure Paoletta .       :gathering:

  12. I hope that everything has quietened down in your city and that life goes on without too much sadness15.PNG.0de05d927b0223fc9b271985bb34a249.PNG

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    2. mari62


      Thanks. In this case they keep on talking about the bridge and how to rebuild and replace the circulation of traffic, since it was a basic arterial road in Genoa, Liguria and Italian motorways. 

    3. miknikel


      We leave poeple aside a little to think about the material side. It's a shame, but that's often how it's works. At the moment, in the South of France, there are floods. One of my daughters lives in Montpellier, I hope it doesn't go all the way to her house.

    4. mari62


      I'm sorry about the floods in France, I wish you and your family all the best. 

  13. Welcome to the MFC. Good luck with your beautiful project
  14. miknikel

    ALL Mika fan-art - Part III

    I hadn't discovered this thread yet, but I think I can explain here how I discovered Mika. Two years ago, I barely knew who mika was. Last year, I starting writing a novel. Until now I had only written texts, short stories and three plays, two of which are been performed several times. The third one is waiting for me to have time to direct it. So, my novel had to deal with fanaticism , all kinds of fanaticism : sects, nazism … but after a while, I find it tedious and depressing. I then chose to move towards a more sympathetic fanaticism and write the story of a star fan. I had the story in my head, but not the star. I looked at many fan club, I watched but I didn't have a click. It was one of my daughters who advised me to take an interst in Mika. I started my research without much conviction, I admiy. And then, MIRACLE not only did I find what I was looking for, but I got trapped, fell Under Mika's spell, I only wanted to belong to this fan club myself and joined. It may be a Strange way to discover Mika, but that's what happened.
  15. Thank you Eriko . One of s will be happy tonight thanks to MFC