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  1. In France, we are sad, but how good it feels to receive comforting messages from all over the world ! Thank you to all of you .001.thumb.PNG.60abd156e491ceea761375b10b902db4.PNG

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    2. miknikel
    3. miknikel


      C'est un peu juste pour s'organiser ...

    4. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Moi aussi je trouve, que c'est tres vite. En plus c'est en direct.

      Peut-etre cela concerne le spectacle "Notre Dame de Paris"?

      De toute facon ils demandent si les gens veulent y participer.

  2. miknikel

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Like you, Sabine, I approved Mika's choises, except Loko !!! The new concept is rather nice and it requires a great rigor of the coaches. Maybe their could be a little more candidates for the battles …….
  3. miknikel

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    J'ai du mal à regarder ces images. C'est un vrai crève cœur !
  4. miknikel

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    The work of so many years and so many men who leave in a few hours . Tonight France is sad
  5. miknikel

    Tour rumours 2019

    I Don't even know how to book. So relax, otherwise I lose sleep.
  6. dedicace.PNG.87824b5df6944ef50a00384c4407375d.PNG

    Mika dedicating my scarf. I know, there's no evidence that it's him, and that's it's me . So, ask Anna, she's the one who played paparazzi.

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    2. Paoletta


      i hope!!!

    3. miknikel
    4. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      I confirm. Mika signed Nicole's scarf. I was filming :das:

  7. 2zze.thumb.PNG.4049e36d973b0d0f75a777e3e402485d.PNG

    Spring is here !!!

  8. miknikel

    Tour rumours 2019

    Are we finally going to be able to getour ponpons out . Seriously, who did ? I have a whole bag full of them ,and you ???
  9. ok. For once, I would have liked to be solicited !!!
  10. I would like to know who voted, because I didn't find how to vote !!!
  11. 2zze.thumb.PNG.4049e36d973b0d0f75a777e3e402485d.PNG

    Spring is here !!!

  12. 2zze.thumb.PNG.4049e36d973b0d0f75a777e3e402485d.PNG

    Spring is here !!!

    1. Mikasister


      Yep yep, is here 



      73dc590df5d864b98c73edcd0de1bdcc.jpg d88f71433a283e2fbcd5d23d1aee869e--big-fl

    2. Paoletta
  13. I would also say : girl. She wears pink shoes !!! Hahaha !
  14. 1kq.thumb.PNG.adcdf81ffa69521933f6590f745682e8.PNG

    When Mika shows us where his fabulous mélodies come from.

  15. ...and a little clarinet strike …