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  1. Does anyone know how the queuing is going to work? Will there be separate queues for standing and seating, also is there a priority queue for O2 customers? On top of all that, what time are people going to be queuing? Ahh sorry for all the questions I’m just so nervous/excited 😅
  2. Of course! My real name is Olivia but you may call me Liv, Livvy etc. Whatever you wish really 😄 And thank you you so much for the warm welcome everyone! ❤️
  3. Hi there! My name is Panda and I’m from the UK. So it’s quite funny how I found out about MIKA, I was playing Just Dance and I was dancing to Big Girls (You are beautiful) and I thought “Hey, this is a pretty catchy tune!”. I saw that it was sung by MIKA and this then led me to Grace Kelly. Those were the only two songs that I properly knew. I really liked them as they brought back good memories! So here I am now, about 2 months later I have listened to all of his songs and I’ve made it a mission of mine to learn all of the lyrics to every song xD MIKA has really changed my life in those two months, he has made me a more positive person and more care-free as we only live one life x I’m super excited to be joining this fan club as everyone seems super friendly! None of my friends or family even know about MIKA or appreciate him as much as me, so it will be nice to talk to people who love him too I also can’t wait for his new album to be released and for him to go on tour! I’m praying that he comes to London because it’s the closest place to where I currently am xD Thank you so much for reading all of this! Sorry it’s so long I just wanted to make sure that I covered everything :3 P.S: I can’t choose a favourite song, It changes nearly every week because I love them all ❤️