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  1. cookiemika15


    Thanks Yes it was awesome.
  2. If I have understood correctly, the aim of this thread is to list all the members of the forum by country/continent by writing their names or the way they want to be called? So, can you add me please? I'm Blandine from France.
  3. cookiemika15

    Hello From Turkey!

    Hello Irem, have fun here
  4. cookiemika15


    I think there should be a topic about this somewhere on the forum. Mika covered The Music of the Night for BBC Radio 2. Or you can find it on YouTube You also like Phantom of the Opera? Thank you!
  5. cookiemika15


    Thanks everyone Oh, and I forgot to tell in my introduction that I went to the Mika loves Paris concert, it was amazing It is the only concert I went to for the moment, but I loved it
  6. cookiemika15


    Thanks everyone! Yes. I liked it, but I would have preferred it with piano only.
  7. cookiemika15


    Hello everyone! I'm Blandine, I'm 17 and I'm from France. I've been a Mikafan for three years already I became a fan when I saw him on the Voice. I told myself that he was really unique. I have immediately loved how spontaneous and kind he was, and how he dressed. Then he sang Talk about You and then I knew that I just became a fan. I love his catchy pop songs as well as the "sad" ones, which are also beautiful. However, I can't decide on which song is my favorite xD I'm here to meet new people who love Mika like me and to follow his news more easily. I would also love to take parts to some of your amazing projects that I have heard about, like the fundraising for the UNHCR, gifts etc... Apart from Mika, who gave me my love for music, I love cinema, especially Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. I also love Broadway musicals like Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. My biggest dreams are to meet Mika and Johnny Depp and I would also love to travel to the USA. I love American and English culture, that's why I will study it next year at university. I think I have told everything Oh, and sorry for the grammar mistakes. See you soon