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    Je ne me passe ni de mon époux, ni de mes enfants, ni de mes petits enfants. J'ai besoin mes ami(e)s. J'ai besoin de musique, de prendre l'air à la campagne, j'aime le films. je cuisine, je jardine, je bricole.

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  1. thank you I love it, it's happy, it's dancing, it's TOP.
  2. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    I think you think like me. For the chorus we try to keep the steps of Ice Cream (less "jumped" maybe ... so that it is less difficult)
  3. Marie-christine Suire

    Mika at Party Like A Deejay Milan 22 June 2019

  4. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    It could be very good for "couplets". But for the whole piece I think it's too repetitive. It would have to move more (a little explosive) for the chorus!
  5. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    List the participants with the places or places of concert where they go to allow to organize on the spot. It will also require "a referent" per concert.
  6. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    You who is a dancer, can you prepare us a choreography (quite simple ...) including some steps of Ice Cream ??? 🍧 Can you film yourself and post the video in this subject, so that we start to repeat ..... I think that only once a choreography will be chosen, more Fans will want to participate!
  7. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    I think you are right. The best is to do: - the same flasmob at every concert - at the concert venue (parking, esplanade .....) - before opening the doors to the public That there are only 10 participants or 40 (or more) of them is the same. If the project is realized, it may be necessary, for places where there will be many participants, to inform the concert hall. For this it will be necessary to know the number of participants.
  8. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    The choreography of Mika seems to me possible, we have time to repeat. Anne has posted Mika's classes again.. It will not be perfect, but there are certainly dancers in the fans, it will fill the clumsiness of those who are not dancers (I am not a dancer, I move on the music !!) But in fact there is only the chorus ..... It will fill in the couplets. Simple lateral movements should be enough ?? What do you think ?
  9. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    ... we will save time is on, and would be even more fun for Mika!
  10. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    Thank you Anne for reposting the excerpts. This is exactly what I thought !!
  11. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    The 29 ...... June ?? Indeed I'm afraid it's too short for the choregraphie... There was no echo on a few steps of Ice Cream ...
  12. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    Ah ah, if you come to Paris from time to time, we may be able to repeat before December 22nd. I'll be in Bercy, we'll meet up !!
  13. Marie-christine Suire

    Flashmob idea.

    Ouch, Burgundy is very pretty, but a little too far from home to repeat .... I live in the Paris region. But we can support each other !!! You will be in Bercy ??