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    Je ne me passe ni de mon époux, ni de mes enfants, ni de mes petits enfants. J'ai besoin mes ami(e)s. J'ai besoin de musique, de prendre l'air à la campagne, j'aime le films. je cuisine, je jardine, je bricole.

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  1. Hello everybody, I got a ticket for Sunday 24. I am delighted, I will meet some of you in addition to enjoying the concert. Thanks Krysadi. Kisses to all.
  2. Bonjour tout le monde, Je suis intéressée par un ticket pour dimanche 24........
  3. Bonjour, S'il n'est pas déjà vendu, je suis interessée.
  4. Bonjour Anne,

    Evidemment, je ne m'en sors pas avec l'envoi de mon document. Je ne veux pas demander à mon époux. 

    J'ai un document odt et non pas doc, et je ne sais pas le convertir.

    Je pensais te l'envoyer par mail, mais je ne retrouve pas ton adresse......... (bizare, mes contacts me semblent incomplets)

    Je ne parviens pas à le joindre ici ni sur avec messenger.




    Je t'embrasse. 

  5. Wonderful news. To help the caregivers, let's stay with us. Save lives. And at 8 p.m. for all those who can
  6. I love the "cooking with Mika" meetings, each new episode is more relaxed than the previous one. It's really super.
  7. Thank you Chriss. As I danced all the time, as I was right next to you, now I'm going to curse myself if I made you move too much while you were filming ....
  8. this is the first concert of the year, we must mark strong "high", it is the best way to wish a beautiful and happy new year to Mika and her teams.
  9. I think I can be there around 5:00 p.m. Mélody can I give you my mobile to be able to exchange by text if necessary (I do not speak English .....)
  10. I started to print the sheets and I put a memo for the scoth ..... Congratulations on the organization, it's a job.
  11. 'ai received les Rames de papier.Bleu et violet. Je commence à imprimer demain (je ne peux pas faire 1000 feuilles à la fois, mon imprimante va mourir ....)
  12. Thank you for the instructions, I print in English and French : - Rainbow for Origin on Love - Plane for Paloma
  13. There will not be only French people in Bercy. Maybe we should also write in English and Italian ..... In this case, someone can post the text, I'm afraid that with google translate it is not correct.
  14. As soon as I receive the paper, I print. (I will not have thought of the scoth)
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