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  1. Gemz

    Tour rumours 2019

    Wow the London date is one day after my birthday! However if the tickets are £63 I think that may be a little too expensive for me, along with transport and stuff How much have Mika tickets been in the past for shows in the UK?
  2. Gemz

    Eurovision 2019

    Well Silver your Top 3 were in the Top 10! I'm not surprised The Netherlands won however I feel they dragged the show on too long. Madonna was awful and the worst performer of the night. The UK came last which I was not shocked about to be honest as the entry was a bit dull but it was at least sung well. I think my favourite of the night was Norway, I voted for them a few times
  3. Gemz

    Ice Cream

    Wow it sounds like a perfect song for the summer! Can't wait for the official release!
  4. Gemz

    Eurovision 2019

    I agree the 2nd semi final was much better! I was surprised that Denmark went through😕 I liked Armenia but the staging was bad so it didn't go through I think The Netherlands are one of the favourites to win!
  5. Gemz

    Eurovision 2019

    I like the songs from France, Armenia and Sweden. I just watched the first semi final show and I can't believe San Marino went through.
  6. Gemz

    From Bosnia with love 💕

    Hello Mirna Welcome to the MFC! You have joined at a good time as we are expecting a lot of Mika news this year!
  7. Boum Boum Boum sounds different on the music video compared to the version on the NPIH Special Edition. Is it supposed to?🤔

    1. Mikasister


      The song live is still more interesting :naughty:



    2. Paoletta
    3. Gemz


      Wow that performance was great!🤩 The song is really growing on me, I do prefer the version on the music video so I'll purchase it digitally :)

  8. Gemz

    Troye Sivan

    I watched a video about these comments. I think his music is okay but nothing outstanding. I can think of a few gay singers like Sam Smith, Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin. Lady Gaga is also a huge part of the LGBT+ community, who is above the level of Taylor Swift and Rihanna. Also Grace Kelly was banned in America for being too gay?! This is the video:
  9. Happy Birthday! :yay:

    1. sara09


      Thank you! ^_^

  10. Gemz

    Eurovision 2019

    I didn't like this one. I was hoping Kerrie-Anne would win but I wouldn't have been annoyed if Jordan won. It''s a dull cliche song and I agree I don't think it will do well, will probably be the same place as Storms from last year
  11. I received the box-set of this album for my birthday in November with the 4 pictures and the signed picture is now framed on my wall! I listened to the deluxe version of this album for the first time around Christmas time, but I felt I needed more time with this one as it is different to his other albums (it is more personal) The first song is Talk About You, I think this is a great start to the album, it is a happy and uplifting song although the chorus can get a bit repetitive, I think it works well that way. This song was released in the UK as a single and he performed it on the one show. All She Wants is interesting and this one got stuck in my head first! The meaning of this song is quite interesting! Last Party, is in my opinion not his best ballad. I do really like the Sinfonia Pop version though. Good Guys confused me at first, I had to check the forums and realised it was about Mika’s role models. I like the instrumental but I don’t really like the girls voice. The night time remix is as good too. Oh Girl You’re The Devil reminds me of Jackson 5’s ABC especially during the chorus, did anyone else think this? At first I didn’t like this song because of the deep voice (that is Mika’s voice right?🤔) but after a few more listens I realised it does work so I do like this one! No Place In Heaven, the title track wouldn’t sound out of place on one of his earlier albums (TBWKTM). The song is ok but it doesn’t stand out for me. I really like Staring At The Sun, I think I will listen to this song a lot especially in the summer! I really like the music video too. There is a French version which is also nice. Hurts is too slow for me. I like the remix version better as I’m not a big fan of slow songs. I think lyrically it’s the best song on the album! It isn’t a Mika album without a song with a story and Good Wife is that song! It reminds me a bit of Billy Brown, its decent but not my favourite. I think Rio is the most unique song on the album, it’s not repetitive and the lyrics are quite funny (“I’ll roll 13 on a pair of dice”) I’m assuming he’s making fun of himself! 🤣 Ordinary Man is the best ballad on the album for me. I think it’s the most personal song on the album. The first deluxe song is Promiseland, I liked this from the first listen. The lyrics are interesting, reading the forums it seems like it’s about the music industry? I was also surprised to find live performances of this song on YouTube as Mika doesn’t seem to like performing deluxe tracks. Porcelain is dreamy sounding, it’s not my favourite and I don’t think it has replay value like the other songs on the album. L’amour Fait Ce Qu’il Veut is the last song on the deluxe album and I like it, it’s groovy, my favourite non-English Mika song at the moment. For some of the special edition tracks there’s Boum Boum Boum, his most popular song from this album. The music video is really great, the production is very high quality. I don’t understand anything in Je Chante but the video is very memorable and unique! Beautiful Disaster is good, I’ve only heard it once so far so I can’t say much but I prefer this version then the one with Fedez. Lastly Feels Like Love is nice as well. I actually don’t own the special edition yet, it is quite hard to find for a decent price! I think maybe listening to Mika’s entire discography over the course of like 4 months made it more difficult for me to give my thoughts on this album, I think I will appreciate this album more as I listen to it more throughout this year and I know Mika is also recording a new album now as he posts videos on his Instagram stories! 🤩 So overall with all 4 Mika albums out now I think the consensus within this forum is that this album is the most liked and The Origin Of Love seems be the most disliked. At this point I can’t rank them 1-4, none of the albums are bad at all, each one has really good songs but I think Life In Cartoon Motion will always be my number one for nostalgia but I think No Place In Heaven gets better every time I listen to it! It’s hard to do a Top 5 when there’s more than 20 songs part of this album as a whole but for now I would say it is: Staring At The Sun, Talk About You, Promiseland, All She Wants and Oh Girl You’re The Devil. I would love to know what your favourite songs are and what you think of it now, almost 4 years later, is it Mika’s best album, so far? Also I won’t do another one of these first thoughts as I’ve caught up with all of Mika’s music like the rest of you now, so next time a Mika album releases I will discuss it on the same discussion page as everyone else! 😊
  12. Gemz

    Eurovision 2019

    This is really upsetting to hear that people still have these views in 2019! I also found this article Which basically says what you have said and also said the TV boss doesn't like the 2014 winner Conchita Wurst for their appearance.
  13. Gemz

    Eurovision 2019

    Yay I loved Eurovision last year! I am looking forward to it this year aswell. I've heard all 6 songs from the UK and they are OK but not winning material! My favourites are Sweet Lies by Kerrie-Anne & Bigger Than Us by Holly Tandy. I am looking forward to watching the live performances on "You Decide" on Friday! Do you have a favourite of the 6 silver?
  14. Gemz

    Favorite song from each album?

    I like your list Eliza! I agree with the others on here though, my opinion changes over time, I've only been listening to Mika's last three albums since September last year so my opinions are changing all the time, I think I need to update my siggy
  15. I watched the Sinfonia Pop Concert DVD for the first time today:swoon:

    It was really relaxing to watch and has made me appreciate some of the songs I didn't like that much before, especially Last Party! :clap:

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    2. sara09


      Mine is Heroes! Speaking of songs, I just realised I missed your post about NPIH, I’m very curious about your impressions after the interesting ones you wrote for the previous albums! What do you think about it? :wub2:

    3. Gemz


      Heroes was one of my favourites too! :thumb_yello: I haven't done a post for NPIH yet! :doh: I have listened to the deluxe edition of the album a few times, I think I first heard it a month ago now. I have been meaning to do a post about my thoughts on the album but it is taking me a while to get used to, it seems more personal than the other albums! I guess one positive is that all of the songs I have heard from it are decent, none I would skip if they came up, but none of them really stand out for me at the moment 😕

    4. sara09


      I understand, it definitely is very personal and intimate! Take your time to process it, I'll be happy to read your thoughts once you'll feel ready to share them :)