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  1. Fantastic ☺️❣️💜
  2. Hello / Bonjour / Ciao ✌️ 

    I’am in 😜I’m attending the concert.

    we are making history by supporting 🇱🇧And participating in virtual concert 

    je suis très contente 😀 d’être une partie de cet événement
    je suis très fière du Mika 🥰bravo 👏🎉 🎊

    We have a date,❤️so we all be together in the distant💖🙃🙏💜


  3. I hope everyone had a wonderful 🎊 on Mika’s birthday 🎂🎈🎁

    sorry i missed it due to work activities, thank goodness for reruns recordings on IG 😉😚

    from Twitter 




  4. Bonjour, bienvenu, 😄, ici tout le monde est très jeune au cœur 💖
  5. Hola bienvenida, en buena hora😄
  6. Let’s continue with the donations, we are almost there🤗🙏🤞C4EEB5B9-5925-41F5-B36C-C90F25E5F088.thumb.jpeg.c8b83c939b2ca06dd28bc2c70ff634d7.jpeg

  7. Hola Fabiola, Bienvenida al club. Yo también soy nueva en estos foros. Qué bueno que tenemos a Mika en común. Soy de Los Ángeles, ojalá que ima pueda venir aquí en el futuro a dar un concierto y tú puedas estar aquí para disfrutar de ello. Suerte en todo🤗😘💜
  8. My name is Giovanna, I live in LA, my native language is Spanish, but I speak some others. Currently I am a language teacher, I switch from Math lo Roman languages😆. I love teaching not only the language, but the culture, and this how my story with Mika began. Thank you for giving me this space to talk about my road to Mika. Like many of you, I can say that Mika saved my life, perhaps not in way many people might think, more of mental/ personal issue. I am in a much better place right now. Part of my well being has to do with Mika’s music. I cannot explain how, but I just feel alive and v
  9. Hello Dear Mika Lovers😉,

    I’m happy to be here with all of you😊

    I’m a Mika fan based in LA, CA, 🇺🇸😎

    ❤️ LOVE MIKA🥰

    still newbie in this site, but I follow in social media, specially in IG.

    I hope 🤞 you all are doing well wherever you are in the world, hugs and kisses 🙃🤗😘💜Sup Hello GIF by Best Friends Animal Society

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    2. sara09


      Hello! Welcome to the MFC :D

      If you like, you could post an introduction here: https://www.mikafanclub.com/forum/5-introductions/, so you can tell us more about yourself, how you discovered Mika and everyone can say hi to you! 

    3. Petite Gio

      Petite Gio

      Hi Fabiola, lets pray that some day perhaps you and I could go together to a Mika’s concert😉

    4. Paoletta
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