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  1. You did not. Mika in a sherwani. This is going to be one desi wedding. My mind is literally on fire right now imagining all the wedding traditions 💯
  2. I would love to be clever without the whole "my amygdala is going to implode, what do I do, dshwunw?" feeling xD I am also picking on a very strong geek vibe here and I mean it in the best way possible.
  3. I think it's important to say "I understand you" or to show that you are trying when people share their fears. I have had so many people make a joke out of this. This one girl would keep making patterns on a paper and be like "does this make you feel sick?" and I used to ignore her but this is far from funny. If you get your fill of humour from someone's misery or discomfort, you are an insensitive jerk. And I don't know why people fail to see this. It's not rocket science.
  4. I once saw him. That too was a strange dream. I was on the Burj Khalifa Tom Cruise style but unlike him, I was cleaning it very intensely. And I heard a bell ring and swoop, I was suddenly at my place (scene changes happen very often in my dreams) walking to my front door. I open it and there's Mika. Mika: I am Michael Me: No you are Mika. Mika: Michael I am. Michael I am. Me: Why are you being like this? Fortune (literally appearing out of thin air): I am Mika. Then I was sliding down this gigantic staircase. I was on some antibiotics back then and this was one of the many short drug induced dreams that night. I was happy to see Mika in Karachi though.
  5. He needs a mug full of hot chocolate and a good sleep. Audrey Hepburn style you know with the eye mask and fine sheets. He probably won't do it. I keep suggesting this and no one listens. Sighs. I really hope he's taking care of himself.
  6. I don't think we'll ever know for sure which one is it. So I go with the flow. I try to incorporate at least a single 'lust' but mostly it's 'love' throughout the song. I think that's how Mika does it.
  7. I also like to keep things clean. Stray hair is particularly annoying, getting everywhere. I like good smells. Like I had this candle with a rain and old book scent. It was heavenly. I have so much weirdness to contribute to this thread, someone please stop me 😬
  8. I also have an extremely bad case of trypophobia and I know it's not characterised as a phobia (which I personally find offensive, it's HORRIBLE and again I MEAN every uppercase letter). This one caused me some trouble because I love biology and quite a few times viewing cells under the microscope was a trigger. I think it has become better with time but it's there. Googling trypophobia is still pretty much one of my greatest fears because the results make me want to tear all my hair out. I think both these phobias are related because I feel the same way when exposed to them.
  9. I have a HUGE phobia of bugs. The uppercase is not an exaggeration. I didn't know I had it until we moved to another place and were greeted by a revolting bedbug infestation a week later. The place was clean before but somehow a bedbug crept into our stuff and travelled with us or at least that's what we think. And weirdly it was the worst in my room. I cried. It was so bad. I had to live with those creeps for a day before we went over to stay at my aunt's place. It wasn't fear. It was a very deep disgust. Just the sight of them would make me dizzy, my skin would crawl and it was like my coronary was strangling my heart. Absolute nightmare.
  10. I feel the same way. But (if I remember correctly), Rihanna once did a free m&g , a couple years back or so, and that seemed pretty fun.
  11. I found this thread yay! I had this pretty weird dream yesterday. I was reading a book one second and the other, I was a...bioluminescent fly in a dark rusty library. A fly. With abnormal spherical wings (how did I even fly?) and my sudden transformation was the least of my worries. I had to get to a Mika concert. I am pretty sure I broke the fourth wall here and squealed at my dream self because sad thought: the only way I'll ever go to a Mika concert would be if I somehow turned into a fly or an O2 molecule. So I was a fly with a purpose. And I flew out of the window and the journey is a bit hazy but I reached the concert venue. And there was Mika standing right at the entrance and I was giddily buzzing towards him (yes I buzz) not thinking even once he might not 'notice' me but he held out a hand. Mika: Flies don't get to go in. Me: buzz (tries to get in) Mika: Love, you're not getting in. Me: (spreads my weird spherical wings God knows why) Mika: You are *(insert word here)-ing* fly. Leave. Change of scene. I am flying circles in a desert. Turns out I can't see Mika even as a fly version of myself. That leaves the O2 molecule.
  12. That's the worst kind of soon but the's worth it.
  13. Some party it must have been 💯 At first there was this concert with Shawn, Alessia and Mika. And now this. Times like these I realise Mika is a celebrity.