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  1. I hope I am not offending anyone but after seeing this many tweets I need to say this...I do not like BTS. Not. At. All.
  2. I am genuinely baffled. Why would he feel his own backside? I think his hands are flat against the wall. I do that sometimes. Stand like him and I push myself back and forth.
  3. My bad! This is seriously impressive. I am sure it'll be goood. Mika's fans know what good music sounds like 😉
  4. Thank you so much! I am really excited for Bohemian Rhapsody's cover! You need some guts to audition with that.
  5. I almost always do wake up. But I also keep an emergency alarm. It's a loud jungle dance theme and I have to scan the barcode of my cleanser to turn it off. Productivity 💯
  6. I had Hurts as wakeup call too! I just changed it yesterday to Can't Help Falling In Love, the version from Some Kind Of Wonderful. Grace Kelly as ring tone. I love it when he goes "I wanna talk to you". It's like getting a call from Mika.
  7. Mika, you inspiring, creative, beautiful man.. You are perfectly bonkers and do I love you for that!!
  8. Don't lose hope! The odds might not seem to be in your favour but it's no use fretting over this so soon. The real excitement at the moment is his new album. I am dying of anticipation!
  9. Well no one comes to Pakistan but I can make it to China. So I really hope it's on his schedule. It would be truly divine to see him perform live.
  10. I love his quirky fashion, colours and glitter and whatnots but sometimes he pulls out some very dapper suits!
  11. I am truly sorry you had to go through that. Anyone who has to go through that. Teachers can be so cruel sometimes. Unfortunately the world still lacks a major understanding about neurobiological and psychological disorders. It can be a very insensitive place. I must thank you for starting this thread. We'll all learn something and hopefully it would positively impact people's lives who suffer from similar disabilities
  12. I created my first and only account to vote for him. Don't know how Insta works yet so got my brother to do it for me. But you say he didn't win..
  13. What a relief! The idea of burning urchins was so uncomfortable! But this is an epic twist xD the urchin that I mourned for isn't really an urchin. Now I can say: it looks good with the cream and all
  14. It was just an expression. I would never cross that line. Mika is beautiful but most importantly he is an inspiring artist and an amazing person and I respect him for that. He really makes a difference in my world and is much more than someone for me to drool at. Even if he does elicit such reactions so everything is under control here
  15. I think he's definitely dyslexic. He did say he couldn't sight read music like his sisters could and had to figure out the notes on his own. And even Westminster only took him because of his music. But I don't think his was an extreme case. Bullying and dyslexia might have led to PTSD, not the other way round, I guess.
  16. After days of listening to the SOAO xD Roger made such a pretty girl!