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  1. That seems horrible! I believe in science, but personally I would never like to see an animal burning in front of my eyes. It appears to be really morbid. I don't know. I just don't like the idea. Pain or not.
  2. I thought I was the only one. It doesn't look like food though.
  3. So he doesn't have a TV and his workout gear has a hole in the crotch. Someone needs to look after my baby.
  4. You guys are so lucky you got to see him! I really wish and hope I can too, someday. I'll probably end up freezing or fainting or doing something totally creepy like running my fingers through his hair or at least attempt to do so (he's very tall) 😅 thanks a plenty for sharing your experiences so vividly!
  5. It is absolutely magical. I think this song would be how I define love for a very long time. To be enamoured of every part of someone, the trivial routinely acts. Rain and now SOAO really set things into perspective. I love how his music always end up meaning so much for me. It's this constant presence that's comforting, the content is so relatable and euphoric. I love how he has his own unique style and there's a strange joy in listening to his songs knowing he enjoys writing them the way they are and not under the influence of the mainstream music and it's demands.
  6. Woah woah! I do think this many innuendos is a bit extreme but I love how the song is so layered with so many interpretations. It can be sexual and it can be simply about love.
  7. I loved it! Thanks really! He is truly perfect. His teeth are beautiful. My heart explodes when he smiles❤
  8. I use Deezer as well but I think Spotify is more user friendly. I don't know. Mika has such a global audience so it was really surprising why the video was unavailable. His other videos are accessible here.
  9. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind! It's great belonging to a society where everyone is just as crazy about Mika. I don't know why I didn't join this before xx
  10. It was the same for me. Tried playing it but it kept saying video not available. And we don't have Spotify in Pakistan
  11. Thanks everyone! I am awfully glad to be a part of this!
  12. I am still getting the hang of this website.