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  1. Just_Me

    I come bearing gifts! - Mika Compilation(s)

    Hi! Thanks for your lovely message, I'm sure I will really enjoy myself here I saw bits of the Ice cream performance and really liked the sound of it. But can't wait untill I can hear it properly I've made another video by the way! I'm going to continue posting them here:
  2. Just_Me

    I come bearing gifts! - Mika Compilation(s)

    My name is Ayres πŸ‘‹ Thanks for the warm welcome! I guess it means I better get started on more videos 😁 Really think I picked an amazing time to become a fan! Right when I've seen a lot of the good old stuff, more is on it's way! Kind of lucky to have skipped all the waiting for new music, but I'm sure I'll experience my fair share of that in the future
  3. Hello everyone! Took me long enough... I think my story is the same as a lot of people; I knew of Mika only because of his hits early on, never really saw much of him besides his music videos. Then just a few months ago I go to my Tumblr, which I hadn't done in a while. I see a post about him, how he's actually a really great person, with the music video for Good guys embedded as well. I watched it and loved it a lot. I made a note to myself to check him out when I got the chance. When I did some weeks later he just completely won me over with his intelligence, humor, lyrics, personality, uniqueness, wit, kindness... and of course he's not bad to look at either. Compiling compliments (amongst other things) Whilst scouring the internet and this forum I noticed that all of his funniest and best moments were scattered all over the internet in videos only people who were already fans would watch. I had finally discovered that this singer had an amazing personality as well, and wanted to have something to make other people discover this too. So I decided to get my hands dirty and started to collect all of the moments that made me smile. Whilst doing this I realised that people compliment him a lot, and I found I absolutely loved watching people doing this to his face. His whole face lights up and his nose does this cute crinckle thing. So while I'm still working on other compilations, I thought for my first introduction I would share this video with you, which will hopefully make some of you smile a bit. I will make the other compilations (if only for myself), but will continue to post them if other people are interested as well 😊 Edit: New video!
  4. Just_Me

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Just want to say thank you so much!!! I really enjoyed finally being able to understand the whole Sara story. So nice of you to make the content accessible for non-french speakers! Can't wait for Mika's KO subs, I have to restrain myself from watching now and only understanding half of what they're sayingπŸ˜„ Eagerly awaiting your wonderful work ❀️