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  1. Could anyone tell me what he's saying before they applaud him (both times)? I think it's something to do with mean comments the first time..? The second time I have no idea..
  2. For you @Kumazzz 2019 Attitude Awards, Oct 9, London - Page 2 - Mika News and Press - Mika Fan Club - Google Chrome 2019-10-10 17-39-30_Trim.mp4
  3. I can't think of anything on the album that his brother would object to besides talking about Paloma's accident. That must be what he's talking about right?
  4. Would love a translation for this interview! @Subtitling Team Maybe I can bribe you with flowers? (Hope none of you are allergic..) Che tempo che fa - Puntata del 06_10_2019 - video - RaiPlay - Mozilla Firefox (Privénavigatie) 2019-10-07 10-44-44_Trim.mp4
  5. He just did an instagram Live. Highlights: - Him talking about coming out because someone asked for tips. His answer was basically: "find someone who gives you confidence, like I did. I didn't intend for it to last that long, but it has and it really helped." It was really sweet. His face went all cute and twisty when talking about Andy (even indirectly) - Him talking about how he knows he has lots of work to do, but that he's happy - Him (trying to) walk past rude fans outside (he didn't want to take photo's but they were very insistent), and then calling another group of fans 'the nice ones', then pointing the camera at the rude group and saying 'these are the not so nice ones' @Anna Ko Kolkowska I didn't manage to record it so would really appreciate the upload!
  6. I've been having some trouble inserting the videos into this post, so that's why I can't put them in the right order unfortunately. The first video is part 1 The second video is part 5 The third video is part 2 The fourth video is part 3 The fifth video is part 4 BBC iPlayer - Saturday Kitchen - 05_10_2019 - Beginning.mp4 BBC iPlayer - Saturday Kitchen - 05_10_2019 - Ending.mp4 BBC iPlayer - Saturday Kitchen - 05_10_2019 - Part 2.mp4 BBC iPlayer - Saturday Kitchen - 05_10_2019 - Part 3.mp4 BBC iPlayer - Saturday Kitchen - 05_10_2019 - Part 4.mp4
  7. I especially like the part where the interviewer calls him Miki 😁
  8. Wow what a revelation. Mika only works with people who will sleep with him 😨😱 Gotta love google translator for causing all sorts of gossip😁
  9. I thought that might be the problem at first too, but I checked and they are all under the 511 MB max file size. 2/3 days ago would make sense, because I think I uploaded a video the same way around that time, which worked fine. Thanks for the quick response by the way! Hope we can figure it out...
  10. The files are MP4. I'm choosing and then uploading files from my computer (not linking to a URL), which works fine. I then add them to the post by clicking the + button which also works fine. But then when I press submit it gives that error.
  11. I have some recent interviews recorded and want to post them (by inserting media), but it keeps saying 'Invalid_URL' when I press 'submit'... I didn't have this problem before, but am wondering if something changed or if I'm doing something wrong?
  12. I hope the translation team or someone else will do the whole interview some time, but I couldn't resist translating the part about Andy being mad about the photo. Andy photo with subs.mp4