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  1. Est-il prévu de faire quelque chose pendant les chansons comme pour le concert de Londres ou pas ?
  2. Thank you everyone! The concert was absolutely fantastic and seeing him live and this close for the first time was an experience I'll definitely remember. And yes, I'll go to Toulouse as well - I can't really miss such a golden occasion to see him again. Not sure this is going to do any good to my emotional state, as I'm already filled with optimism and joy for the next months, but it's going to be great!
  3. Hi! My name's Louna. I live in France, in Toulouse for this year. I'm currently 19, and I am a student in BCPST, which stands for Biologie-Chemistry-Physic-Sciences of the Earth (Geology, basically). I aspire to be a vet, hence my school programme. I always heard Mika in the bus going at school, but I became really interested and hooked to his songs when I moved out alone for my last year of highschool, in Lyon. He gave me confidence and pushed the loneliness back. Since then, my admiration for him has only grown and now I'm really happy because my family offered me a ticket to see him in concert, in London! I can't wait to finally see him live. I think this is it. Thank you for reading my words!
  4. Hello! I have a spare ticket for the London show at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, since my friend can't make it anymore but had the courtesy to warn me before. If anyone is interested, please send me an email at surathaniel@gmail.com Thank you, and maybe see you on Sunday!