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  1. I'll be there ! I think I'll start queuing around 1 pm since my train arrives Gare de Lyon at noon and I need to check in my hotel first (10 minutes on foot from La Cigale)
  2. French translation available in my story : https://www.instagram.com/elvara_off/
  3. Mika got interviewed today in Paris. Cant wait to see it 😍
  4. Yes but he advised us to re watch an interview about that goose thing nobody knows which itv he talks about 😂😂😂
  5. We dont know everything about his life, maybe was he playing a private gig for someone in particular? A party thrown in a hotel for example, i don’t know ?
  6. He’s had that in his italian garden for 2 years. I don’t think it is for any gig
  7. I used to try and draw the sold out drawing before Yasmine releases hers 😁 i did those two for Montreal and then Mexico
  8. Ah ah it’s been ready for weeks! But I dont want to be of any bad luck, I know he is superstitious, so I’ll wait for the official announcement
  9. F3F97CE0-617E-4F20-B0A1-6F8F85B8370C.MOV i think LA is sold out, dont you think? 🤔