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  1. Elvaraaa

    The 'KEEP MIKA GOLDEN' Voting Club

    Vote massively!!! https://www.futurpop.com/fma-2019/meilleur-artiste-pop-masculin-international/
  2. Becausz we all told him: those videos didnt have sound on it. There was a problem
  3. Yeah! It is obvious she lost weight. She looks even more graceful
  4. All right... he’s here 😂
  5. I hear french in the end : « mais t’es pas du tout sur la..... » meaning : « but you’re absolutely not on the.... » 🤔
  6. Where is it ? Who is it ? Who’s he with ?
  7. Elvaraaa

    Ice Cream

  8. Hello everyone. Comment « mika » (or tag him) under the post! And put some « likes » on each comment that says Mika !!!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/ByqUiMLC482/?igshid=5ij232l66ya0
  9. Elvaraaa

    Ice Cream

    Now 😁😃 i am ready to receive all videos and we close the video sunday evening (in 3 days)
  10. Elvaraaa

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Peu importe. Le tout est que chacun fasse une video deja non ? Ne pas attendre
  11. Elvaraaa

    Ice Cream

    Who speaks of dance moves ? 😁😁😁 lets live, do daily things, eat ice creams, go to the beach, swim, i dont know....! Plenty of things to do!
  12. Elvaraaa

    Ice Cream

    Let us do our best! 😃 if we manage to get a little something out of everyone (or almost) it d be fantastic !!! Even 30seconds 😃😃😃😃