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  1. Try and tick your account, I think you’ll find it impossible A fake tick cannot exist. People used to tick their profile picture long ago, when the verified tick was on the photo, but Twitter moved it to the very end of the name to make it impossible to fake Officially verified account are being followed by the official Verified by Twitter account (BUT this doesnt mean in any way that the account is official to the represented brand or organization !) But that’s all pure digital marketing and thats not the topic. going to bed good night everyone
  2. It is impossible to be verified on Twitter. They’ve suspended the process since 2018 https://help.twitter.com/fr/managing-your-account/about-twitter-verified-accounts
  3. But it is still a good thing for us to keep mika golden !
  4. I don’t understand why people got onto this thing: it is a fan account, not official, + no one has asked to tag the artists, and it is only for this ig account. NRJ MUSIC AWARDS do not consider fanbases. This just a random NRJ MUSIC AWARDS fan girl who wants to keep her instagram community entertained she explains she is just a fan in the bio
  5. I Think she just dont wanna go alone
  6. Hello sorry, we wont be able to access the venue earlier - even minutes before - to set everything up sorry. Tried my best i’ve been told this was too short of a timing to organize
  7. Hello si ce sont bel et bien les greves francaises il n’a pas pu prendre le train prévu et est resté dans sa maison à coté de Florence du coup
  8. ah yes perfect. I was about to ask you the final version of the simulation. Perfect. I just tried. I'll come bacl to you guys if anything positive
  9. Hi i’m gonna try something to help. Hold on, reverting ASAP. Cant promise anything though
  10. We should clone MIKA so that we all have one at home
  11. Well it does look like it
  12. Carcassonne is with several artists:-M-, Mika, Christophe Maé, Alain Souchon, Francis Cabrel ou encore Supertramp's Roger Hodgson.. https://www.sortiraparis.com/scenes/concert-musique/articles/50328-festival-de-carcassonne-2020-dates-programmation-et-reservations#PdDbHcXrcWqQa8XO.99 https://www.sortiraparis.com/scenes/concert-musique/articles/50328-festival-de-carcassonne-2020-dates-programmation-et-reservations
  13. Thank you ! but like you say: I’d prefer to go or be with people I know, preferably from MFC thanks again though!
  14. Hello everyone. I made up my mind: i would loooove to go to the Paris show but dont want to go alone (cant buy a solo ticket then). Is there anyone with a spare seated ticket ? - Bonjour tout le monde. Je me suis décidée: j’adooooorerais faire le show de Paris mais je ne veux pas y aller seule (je ne peux pas prendre de ticket solo donc). Y a t il quelqu’un avec un ticket assis en trop ?