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  1. @Elvaraaa je vois ton pseudo/profile partout en ce moment haha Facebook, Insta, ici, tu es à fonnnnnnd J'adorerais faire un truc de groupe pour Ice Cream ! Je suis du sud mais je peux me déplacer
  2. His picture with Andy is so amazing, and what's even greater is the support and lovely comments he's getting for it. He's come a long, loooooong way. And is such an inspiration to anyone struggling with their own Identity. It's trully awesome.
  3. I thought of this too (I've spent too much time reading threads here already xD)
  4. This outfit is weird in my opinion (apart from the shoes 😍), but I love the pose! Looks like he was having fun!
  5. One more light - Linkin Park Killer Queen - Queen 😍
  6. Heyy Yeah, just like Irem Aytepe said, it's addiiiiictiiiiiive (I've only been here for a few days too ^^) WELCOME! Have fun 🌸
  7. Does anyone have any advice on how to make the most of an event? 

    On Friday I'm going to the event in Bordeaux to see Mika :boing:and it's my first time ever doing something like that. I don't want to miss out so if you've got any advice, apart from "enjoy" (cuz I intend to for sure!), that'd be nice :)

    1. Paoletta


      :cheer: @WildePansy oh Good luck  ma petite amie :partytime2:

    2. Paoletta


      moi aussi je spere de voir Mika live un jour

    3. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      Find some friend who goes there and meet them

      (I haven't done it but i know :) )

  8. Thank you for that suggestion, @carafon, and for your welcoming message Although, I'm not too familiar with Twitter and wouldn't even know what to ask/how to make sure to reach people. Maybe by using a # ? I'll try that anyway. Thanks again and hope we'll end up meeting up at another event
  9. Yeah, just like he's been so active on Instagram lately. It's all part of the promotion for the upcoming album, I believe. Which is quite nice, like a treat that makes waiting tolerable 😂
  10. You're right, he's never been inactive, that's not really what I had in mind but that's what it sounded like Still Don't think it's part of the proper tour.
  11. I Don't think they're related to the Voice. I think it's just a way to make people know he's back and active in France, and in Italy (although I'm sure he'll be going to events in other countries). It's probably not part of "the tour", just a pre-tour thing ^^ I Hope so, at least! (although it's quite nice for us French people ) 🤞
  12. I'll definitely write a report yeah Such a shame I can't find anyone online who's going. I'm almost tempted to go with a "Free Hugs for Mika fans" cardboard, so this way I can meet fans on the premises Thank you sara09, crazyaboutmika and Gabry74
  13. Aww, you're all so lovely, thank you! I'm already loving this forum! ❤️ Thanks for all that useful information. Although, about the calendar thing, I cannot see where you need to click to say you're going to an event. I'll have a fantastic time in Bordeaux but would love going with other fans! I'll try to take pictures and videos to post later on
  14. Hey I'm going to that event so if anyone from here is too, feel free to message me so we can meet up - would be brilliant! Also, I'll make sure to post pictures and possibly videos afterwards