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  1. I think rainbow hearts would look amazing!!!
  2. thats a good point. i mean along as they all say the same thing and are only like 3 words long he should be able to read the ones at the front and then he would be able to see the others being held up even if he couldn't read those We could hand them around while we wait outside too so that hopefully we could get them to as many people as possible
  3. I was thinking in addition to the lights it would be really cool if at the end of the show everyone could hold up a piece of paper with something special written on it, something touching and sweet that would really move him. it would only really need to be a couple of words long although i have no idea what it could be yet๐Ÿ˜‚ something like this was done for 2 youtubers and everyone held up a sign that quoted something from their first video that was along the lines of โ€˜this was the most fun we have ever hadโ€™ I thought this would be super cool to do and hopefully mika would find it very touching. It would be something that everyone can get involved too as we can print off a load before hand a bring some down. it would also be good bc people can put them in their pockets so its not anything to big to carry around. it might be a terrible idea but i just thought i would put it out there ๐Ÿ˜Š
  4. it will be the first time i will see him live too!!!
  5. thats dedication!!! also a bit annoying ๐Ÿ˜•
  6. thats great that its flexible!! i need to start looking at some... no idea where to start XD its worth paying that bit more to have a nice hotel thats in a safe area, instead of something thats a bit dodgy because that can end up dampening the excitement of the trip, even if u don't need the air con XD
  7. thats not too bad then, ill just go up on the saturday and save a bit of money its nice u will still get to look round tho!! hopefully u can find somewhere not too expensive but thats still clean and nice ah well hopefully they will be soon!!
  8. im tempted to go early and see london to but yeah the cost is a huge factor. u r very organised!!! i aspire to be that organised XD that is annoying.. you would have thought they would have it available right away ๐Ÿ˜•
  9. good idea! i coming from wales and will probs stay overnight so ill have to set aside a day for planning and figuring out the underground or busesXD i was going to but then i thought it might be nice to have a physical ticket to keep to remember it by, but on second thoughts if I'm going up early an e ticket may have been best.. wbu x
  10. i had a quick google and it might be because you didnt go to the checkout within in 5 mins or because you have tried to many times. the person suggested to try on a different browser with different wifi or using internet data don't know if thats any use x
  11. thats good! I've never been there before so i hope i can find it XD
  12. that will be an amazing birthday treat!!! its my first time seeing him too I'm so glad its not after christmas when uni exams kick in XD
  13. hmmm thats strange... i just tried it on my laptop and it took me through to the checkout.. maybe try closing the tab and doing it again, or using your phone to order them?
  14. it should just be processing your order