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  1. its at 1600 now!! Just ever so slightly out of my budget😂 why must I be a poor student😂
  2. The temptation to spend all of my money😂
  3. hi!!! i was so glad to see that you got to the front bc you had been waiting so long and it was freezing that day!! it was worth it though and the fact he took your flag!! idk if you remember me but i briefly talked to you outside early on in the day with my sister and i think you were like 2ish people down from me in front row😊 also I recorded the end of him with the flags if you wanted it. its not a great and there are alot better clips people have uploaded on YouTube but on the off chance u want it, its there😊 20191110_221420.mp4
  4. these are some lovely videos thanks!!! welcome to the fan club btw!!
  5. welcome!! thats such a lovely story!!! origin of love is so beautiful for a wedding!! I may have possibly seen you guys or at-least someone with blue hair!😊
  6. glad you have a lovely time!!! and the look on his face when we held up the signs was so worth it!! it was such a magical night😊
  7. found this one on instagram if its the one you meant 😊
  8. Thought I would write a little review as I love reading everyones so much!! So this was my second Mika gig (and my second gig ever!), I had seen him at the la cigale gig in Paris with my friend a couple weeks back😊 I arrived to queue at 9am with my poor sister who couldn't quite understand why we had to get there so early but went along with it anyway😂 There were already loads of people there including one girl who had been waiting since 2am!! We sat there, taking it in turns to pop back to our hotel every so often for warmth, until it was time to go in by which point I had lost all feeling in my toes😂 But it was worth it! I got on the front row near the middle and my sister was behind me, but ended up a little further away as she was pushed out, there was a lovely girl though behind us that offered to move back a bit so she could be nearer me! I was also glad to see that the girl who had waited since 2am was on the front too, especially after all that waiting!! Like @pipinhaslovemikathere was some less than polite people at the front. One lady who was with her daughter, I think they were german, next to me, had a go at some fans behind for getting too close when they had plenty of room and then proceeded to tell her daughter to elbow me in the ribs to get more room, which did hurt. I also couldn't go anywhere or move over as I was more squished than them but was trying to make sure I wasn't hurting anybody so that dampened the mood a a bit . However, there was a guy and a girl in the first tier who were dancing away to the DJ's which brought everyones mood up!! they were incredible!! very fun to watch!!! When he finally came on I was quite shocked at how close he was, it almost didn't feel real!! And then after the first song we held up the signs that I had helped to make and he loved it!! I was so happy it worked out well, as before he came on I could only see about 3 people near me with them so I was worried no-one would hold them up😂 (if anyone filmed his reaction could you send me a link as I would love to see it again!). The paper hearts looked amazing too! I think when he started Tiny Love he saw a couple of hearts go up, but not many before he closed his eyes, but by the time he opened them he saw a sea of multi coloured hearts which took him by surprise! (again if anyone has his reaction i would love to see it again!). It was wonderful to see!! The venue staff were also passing out cups of water at the front which was greatly appreciated as after all the singing I was very thirsty! He then got into the crowd to sing Big Girl and got in next to me which I was ecstatic about😂 On his way out though he stood next to me and sang but was struggling to get over the barrier, as on the way in there was like little steps but not on this side! So he ended up kind of falling into me, so I got face planted with his back and sweaty t-shirt 😂 and if anyones wondering he smelt lovely! which i definitely would not of, if I had been bouncing around that much!!!😂 so that was a moment to remember! Once it was over we went outside and waited for him to come out which he did! Unfortunately I was too far away from the barriers to get anything signed but it was still nice to see him! and then i got back to my hotel and couldn't sleep because i was running off the adrenaline!! I think though like @teenagedreamer98 I'm now in this slight depressive stage because it was all over so quickly and I don't want to go back to normal life!! I may have to go back to France to see him again....😂 I had a wonderful time though and met so many amazing people who were all so kind! it is definitely an experience I will never forget!! I've attached a couple of videos I took here if anyone is intrested😊they are only short clips sorry, I didn't mange to get a whole song but I did get some chatty bits including a bit about him throwing up on Shepard's green😂 I've got some others on my instagram which is xemilyburnellx They will be under the london tab on my profile😊 20191110_211319.mp4 20191110_221420.mp4 20191110_221540.mp4 20191110_220813.mp4
  9. 😂😂 that gig was incredible and definitely motivating to do all this stuff!! and i think i've just reached that stage😂😂
  10. fantastic! I'm currently on 500 so we'll see how I go😂😂
  11. no worries! I'm going to try and do 250 but i'll see how my printer holds up! i might do some in different colours too as im not sure how much black ink i have left and i seem to have thousands of coloured cartridges that need using up. Hopefully if we can get some others printing some we will have enough! the instructions sound good but i would maybe change it slightly to 'please hold this up this sheet after the first song has finished. If you have been given a paper heart, use the torch on your phone to light it up from behind and hold it up as soon as Tiny Love starts. Thanks!' if u have already printed them with the other instructions that should be fine though!
  12. that looks brill!! its gonna look amazing!! and i cant believe we have all made so many!!! how are we organising giving out the signs and the hearts? are we brining them to the meet up saturday and give them all to one person?
  13. that sounds like a good plan! i was going to put the instructions in the top left or right hand corner incase you can see them on the other side if that makes sense😂 and heart wise im on 480 at the moment so we should have enough for the whole venue with everyone's combined!!! is anybody else able to print off signs?