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  1. Awh he wasn’t speaking that much, but when he saw me he skipped a few people and came to me and spoke to me, then went back as I left to let others forward cx Paloma also walked past with Beauregard and they said hi to a few people while walking past everyone and Beauregard was even giving a few high-fives!
  2. I just wanted to do a quick post to say how AMAZING the show was!! I loved it as soon as Mika came on stage I burst into tears of joy! Also when he came out the stage door! He came up to me and asked what my name was (As I was crying) and then said “Hi Emmy” and stroked my hair! We then got a picture together and he signed an autograph for me, l loved all the fan actions and the atmosphere was just the best! It was also amazing to be so close the front of standing!!! I can’t wait until I see him next hopefully in the near future💕🥳🥺
  3. This was once done before in 2012 in Brussels for Only Love you when I’m drunk!
  4. Super Excited!!🤩🤩 Only 126days 4hrs!! I was wondering though would u be able to meet Mika?💕☺️
  5. Heyyy! Well I’ve always know Mika although this yr got back into him! I’m seeing him live in November, and can’t wait! I was also featured on his Ice Cream challenge video!!🍦🥳
  6. I’ve always grown up listening to Mika when I was around 3/4, then recently got back into him!! Im seeing him in November in London though🥳(Although I might miss an Exam eek)
  7. Hey everyone from Inverness, Scotland! 💕💕💕