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  1. Thanks! Nice to meet you I'm really happy that part of your dreams came true!
  2. The flying creatures scare me all the time lol I don't like them
  3. Hi Dominika, thanks! Nice to meet you Could you introduce yourself more? (Your dreams, your fav things etc..) 💖
  4. Hi Sara! Nice to meet you too I discovered Mika because of İrem obviously 🤣 We have been friends since 2007 She always talks about Mika and how good Mika's music are. I'm happy to be in here
  5. Thanks! Nice to meet you Sabine 💖
  6. Nice to meet you too Gabriella 💖 Thanks ^^
  7. If you believe, they’ll come true
  8. Nice too meet you Loo ❤️ I hope your dreams will be come true because world needs them.
  9. I love his new single called "Ice Cream"! It sounds really nice
  10. If you want we can translate for youuuuu ❤️