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  1. You just have to put Ice Cream sounding, put your cell phone horizontal filming, and pretend that you sing along with Mika!!! I think he's enough inspiration to move a little bit, maybe just the mouth, maybe someone else can jump and freak out, maybe a choreography with dolls or fingers... all of us are different and it would be great in a video!!!
  2. If we film the whole song, she can have more stuff to select and mix -my son and I filmed us several times, but then I just had material for a short video 🤣-
  3. I'd really love to do that, I think Mika was expecting a lot of more movement when the challenge was released. Yesterday, I've posted a short video with my son, which was reposted by the fan club (thank you ) If some of you have an idea of how could we do to make an international video, and have the hability and the time to edit it, I think that it would make a lot of movement on Instagram, would help Ice Cream to be in a better position in the charts, and would make Mika happy. I mean, I'm absolutely new in the MFC, but maybe I can meet other people here in Buenos Aires ( @Moni, @Lo! are the ones I remember having seen at the Argentinian thread, and the lovely@Mikasister but she told me she's from Barcelona), and get together at the Obelisco just to film us singing and eating ice cream, and other fans do the same in other parts of the world, with iconic buildings behind... Or maybe we can just make a lot of single videos, in order to create a lot of movement on internet. What do you think?
  4. Síii, en poco tiempo ya le gusta mucho Mika. Es muy su estilo, porque mi hijo adora los colores, los corazones, los arcoiris y la música. Además da la casualidad de que se llama Miguel, que es Michael en español 😀.
  5. Mi hijo y yo hicimos un videíto 😁
  6. Maru


    OMG you're such a great community! I already feel really welcome. I hope I can help to the MFC somehow, I'm already enjoying it 💓
  7. ¡Oh, cómo la única española! Y eso que España está tan cerca de Italia y Francia 😮. Entonces, antes de convencerlo de venir acá, tenemos que hacerlo hablar en español de nuevo 🤔 🍦
  8. La verdad es que siempre me gustaron las canciones que fueron famosas, pero siento que realmente lo estoy conociendo desde hace dos meses, y debo decir que me hice súper fan de Mika. ¡Hagamos el desafío de Ice cream en Instagram, hagámonos ver, así vieneee! 😀
  9. Thank you very much for all this note!!! ❤
  10. ¡Holaaa! Soy nueva en el foro. Soy de Buenos Aires, vivo en Capital. ¡Lo vamos a hacer venir en 2020!
  11. Maru


    Hi! My name is Marisa, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm 39 years old and have studied grammar and literature, so I'm a Literature and Spanish teacher. Of course, I've loved Mika's happy songs when they became famous, but since then happened looots of things in my life (I've got married in 2010, one month later I became deaf of one ear because of stress, in less than one year I've separated from my ex, I had to learn to live alone and disabled, finally in 2013 I wanted to stop surviving and start living again, I've started to take medieval fencing lessons, I fell in love with my actual husband, I had a kid, I've discovered I could tell stories and sing...) Two months ago, searching for images of italian comediant Dario Fo, I've found a picture of him hugging MIKA. Immediatly started searching for information about Mika in Italy, and in France. I've seen lots of videos with his music, and heard his albums. I've followed The Voice in TF1, and every time I found new stuff about Mika, just became more convinced that he is not just an incredibly talented musician, and an extraordinary handsome man, but also an exceptional human being, with a big empathy, a great sense of humour, as timid as extrovertid, respectfull with every one and with a enormous sensibility. He is a good person, who knows that being famous let him in a place to be heard, and uses this power to change the world for good. Then he won The Voice, Ice Cream was released, a new album is comming (named the best way), and my 5 year old little boy likes his music, so I'm preparing for the announcement of a Latinoamerican tour in 2020 😀. Definitely the kind of idol I hope my son will have in his life. I'm so glad to have found you, Mika's fans!!! Please forgive me for my English, I have written all without looking for words or phrases, so maybe there'll be terrible mistakes.