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  1. Hi Sophie and welcome to the MFC ! 🤗 I’m french, if you need anything feel free to send me message 👍🏻 Enjoy your time here 💛
  2. Hi Carla, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC ! 🤗 I’m 22 years old too and I live in Paris, hope you can go to see Mika in Mexico 😃
  3. Hi Celia ! Nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC ! 😍 I’m french and I live in Paris, you can send me a message if you need help or anything, I'll be happy to answer you ! 😘
  4. Hello from France and welcome to MFC !! 😊❤️
  5. Nice to meet you Sabine ! 🤗 and thank you for your message ! 😘
  6. Ça a l’air top ce qui se prépare ! Dommage je pourrai pas venir 😭 mais j’espere à une prochaine date pour vous rencontrer ! 🤗
  7. Thank you and nice to meet you too ! 😍
  8. Thanks and nice to meet you ! 😊 I've seen him during concerts with other artists and recently at the concert rfm music show ! I was too happy but unfortunately I will not be able to go see him during his tour 😭
  9. Thanks and nice to meet you ! 😊
  10. Nice to meet you too ! It’s great to meet people from other countries ! 😊
  11. Hi everyone ! I am new here and I don’t know anyone. there are fans who live in paris ? I’m 22 years old and so happy to be here 😊 I discovered mika by listening to the radio relax (as many people I think ahah 😛) or love today but I really follow him since 2012 and I had the chance to see him twice in show. I hope to make beautiful meetings here and share news or news with you! And sorry if my english is bad, I’ll try to improve myself 😊