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  1. so part of my theatrical training at college requires a theater makeup class. For our last makeup project we had to find a folklore and create a makeup look for it. then we had to take that look and turn it into another makeup look as if it were on a different medium.  so naturally, being the kind of person who wants to incorporate mika into all of my projects, i decided to create the face of lady Jane jumping into the sea. for my second makeup look i took the first lady Jane look and made her a stained glass window. Im very proud of the project and i thought yall would appreciate it too. lady Jane is such an underrated song of Mika's. 

    i didnt know if this counted as fan art so im just gonna leave it here. 



    1. Dominika


      It looks really nice! you re so talented! :wink2:

    2. silver


      This is amazing, Lindsey :clap:

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