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  1. alright, where can I watch English subtitles versions of casa mika?

    1. sara09


      You'll find them on the 2016 list here:


      Let me know if you need anything! ^_^ 


    2. Lindsey Sinopoli

      Lindsey Sinopoli

      Oh my gosh thank you!!!

  2. Okay I need help!! I found this really cool website that lets you buy a customizable overlay for your debit card. And of course, I want Mika to be the picture of my debit card! But I was wondering if you guys could help by replying with some ideas for what picture it should be. Preferably one of him singing. Good quality. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lindsey Sinopoli

      Lindsey Sinopoli

      Thank you so much for the reminder. i should look up how to avoid infringement. 


    3. silver


      Basically, avoid any photo with a watermark, or from a professional photographer.  There may be fans here who would let you use one of their photographs - check with them directly.

    4. Lindsey Sinopoli

      Lindsey Sinopoli

      thank you so much 

  3. WELCOME!!!! We are so glad to have you as part Of our family here!
  4. So i had a friend over to my dorm room today and she was going through my library and found the song for sorrow book. she preceded to open it and look through all of the art. i saw her looking through it and explained to her what the book was and that  theres music that goes with it. she then asked me to play Mikas music for her so she could look at the art with the music and guys, MY HEART MELTED AND I GOT SO HAPPY!! lol i couldn't pull out that CD fast enough. and even better, she liked his music. 😭:wub2:

  5. been listening to nothing but Brooklyn steel today 

    1. Mary Grin

      Mary Grin

      Lollipop is superior in that album

    2. Lindsey Sinopoli
  6. On Mika’s tour dates for the us , it says so he’s going to perform at the house of blues. Do we know which city it is because there’s multiple. 

    1. Starlight


      I hope you can see him when he comes to the US! :crossed:

    2. mari62


      Boston 😉 

    3. Lindsey Sinopoli

      Lindsey Sinopoli

      I was hoping it was the one in Dallas😭 @Starlight @mari62

  7. There's this fun thing I do where I switch the speed on my record player from 33 to 45 ( to make the song faster and mikas voice higher pitched) ,and it did not disappoint with the new album. my favorite sped up song is Paloma. 

  8. Thank you. That’s very nice my Fathers family is from Italy
  9. I was just thinking that as i live in texas and am a college student with no money. so close yet so far
  10. I wanted to take this opportunity to actually introduce myself because i dont think i really did that. I’m from a small town in Texas. Im an actress in Dallas and Arlington and I paint surrealist art for fun. My favorite color is pink and like to collect tea cups and mika merch. HOW I CAME TO KNOW MIKA: When I was little, My grandmother used to play these cds with yearly hits and kid songs on them. Grace Kelly was on one of the cds and i remember asking her to replay it all the time because I liked the opening conversation and when he went "kACHHHIINNGG". I t
  11. so part of my theatrical training at college requires a theater makeup class. For our last makeup project we had to find a folklore and create a makeup look for it. then we had to take that look and turn it into another makeup look as if it were on a different medium.  so naturally, being the kind of person who wants to incorporate mika into all of my projects, i decided to create the face of lady Jane jumping into the sea. for my second makeup look i took the first lady Jane look and made her a stained glass window. Im very proud of the project and i thought yall would appreciate it too. lady Jane is such an underrated song of Mika's. 

    i didnt know if this counted as fan art so im just gonna leave it here. 



    1. Dominika


      It looks really nice! you re so talented! :wink2:

    2. silver


      This is amazing, Lindsey :clap:

  12. Heres a cool mika wallpaper I use for my laptop 


  13. Im patently waiting for the day Mika does a show in Texas.🤩

    1. Paoletta


      don't worry Mika came everywhere

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