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  1. I also think the same, he's supposed to have dual citizenship.😆
  2. Thanks! This interview seems very nice, although I don't understand much. It's weird about the passport ... I think there will be an interview where it says something different. 😂
  3. It's difficult to know, but I am not talking about whether it is your own or a rented house. Your home can be a rented house. It's difficult to find the interviews now, and also surely they contradict each other. 😂. It's a new excuse to say that we need new interviews. Also, I'm impatient to know what style your next album will have. Better not think about the time that will pass until we let's find out. 😆
  4. If I'm not wrong, from what he said in the interviews, He has a house in London, in Paris, in Miami, in Milan, in Tosacana. And in Athens is Andy's house. He always says that home is where he's with the people he loves and feels free. So it's difficult to know which house he calls home, I guess all houses are.
  5. I understood that the last sentence was referring to the return to Europe. Didn't I get it right?
  6. I don't understand how they didn't ask him to explain the meaning, now we will never know for sure ... but I think that is how you say. I was surprised by that interpretation of the song, because he said it was a song that her mother liked very much. So I didn't associate it with a gay couple, ...the lyrics and the interpretation ..now I understand why it is a special song for him.
  7. With this I confirm my theory ... maybe I would have to say it in another thread ... but I believe that mushrooms are .... ice cream!😊😄
  8. again this as a game 🕵... let's see what the next clue is and we find out where he is ...😂 One questions...and for work reasons no one can travel to the US?
  9. Yes, he looks very handsome, but when he's so serious he's weird ... he always has a smile ... and he already seems strange when he's serious.😂 About the vaccine ... Can he get vaccinated in the United States? If he waits for a notice to be vaccinated, what country will he get? what madness! If he's from country to country ... well, less now,...but he will have to be registered in a specific country. Will that country remain England even though he hasn't lived there for a long time?
  10. I found the other interview where it is sweeter when he talks about the days in Greece: As-tu tout de même pu te reposer un peu dans la dernière année? Oui, je me suis reposé quand j’étais à Athènes. Au départ, quand la pandémie a débuté, j’étais en Australie. Ensuite, mes spectacles en Asie ont été annulés, et tout tombait. Je suis donc rentré en Europe. Mon conjoint est grec, et il n’avait pas de Green Card pour entrer aux États-Unis. L’Italie étant fermée, on a donc décidé de passer quelques mois à Athènes. Ce fut une belle période au cours de laquelle j’ai pu passer
  11. I love it. This is like a detective game! In that interview, it isnt right that he has unplaced boxes if he has that floor since last year... And what happened to the neighbor at the piano? Could it be the journalist's mistake when transcribing the interview? I still think I remember that there is another more recent interview that tells the same thing but it seems like a sweeter story. It can also be difficult to find the correct version ... its an interview .. and with Mika you never know, ... you remember when he said he had a bus and traveled with a lot of dogs .. that interview was so fun
  12. Mika is used to a hectic pace of travel and work. I understand that the most difficult thing would be to be locked up at home and not so much the problem of who you are with.
  13. In another interview, he said something about the first 15 days and that afterwards everything went well. I don't remember if it was in an interview in France or in Canada.
  14. Last year he said there was a neighbor who played the piano. I think it was this year that he rented the top floor to be his studio. I think it's the one we saw while painting formó Paris,?. It didn't look the same as when he cooked the last year.
  15. Do you know if this interview will be translated? it seems very interesting and I understand very little. Thank you!
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