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  1. I also (finally) received my vouchers yesterday, I got the same message as you. They're being a little bit unfair not mentioning it in the email, but now you have time until 17th of October to convert the voucher into a monetary refund. Here is the link kindly shared by @Mousetrap: https://www.ticketone.it/campaign/covid-19/?awc=9567_1600185380_cbdb8626fb63468ed6f733a85ef63a59&cHash=a548a95cd8415dcc921aea1e7212ab1e&utm_campaign=textlink&utm_content=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.teamworld.it%2F&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=awin Hope this helps 😊
  2. I'm in the same situation, still nothing... and I sent the request on 5th of July πŸ™
  3. I sent my request at the beginning of July, when the voucher was still the only option available. I received a confirmation e-mail and I was told that it may take up to 30 days to process it. Well, over 30 days have passed, but still no answer. I think they have some problems in understanding how to do things now that the law has changed, but they could at least notify people that they are keep working on their requests. This morning I wrote to them again, I'll let you know if I receive any answer!
  4. Here you are 😊 The presenter thanks Mika for singing one of De André's (one of the most famous songwriters in the Italian music history) song and Mika says that because of that he is now sweating a lot (because of the tension I think). And the presenter says that he understands Mika's feeling since it is always a great emotion to sing songs of such great artists. Then the presenter thanks him for keeping the promise of being a guest in Sanremo, the very first artist who had promised this to him, back in September when Mika had performed at the Verona Arena. And Mika says he is very happy to be at Sanremo. Then the presenter talks about Mika being loved in Italy, that he is going to start a world tour, that he always carries a little bit of Italy in his heart, and that he does many concerts in Italy as well. Mika says that with the next two dates (Bari and Reggio Calabria) the European tour is going to end (although it is not true, as it ends in Strasbourg), but that he will be back in the summer at the Verona Arena, Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia and in Sardinia and Sicily. At this point the presenter says he knows about Taormina (in Sicily) and Mika says that he is still not allowed to reveal the city! So the presenter apoligizes and says he is famous for making errors like that. And than Mika talks about the places he has chosen for the summer dates, joking that he is only pretending to tour, while in fact he wants to be a tourist and thus for his gigs he chooses the most beautiful places to visit! At the end Mika thanks again and wishes good luck to everyone, and thanks his choir, the 100 Voices of Gospel.
  5. Thank you! I had planned to write a review right after the gig as I enjoy reading all the stories that are shared on MFC. But I ended up being quite busy and spent my free time searching for photos and videos of that show and also of the following (and previous) ones. The fact that there was a gig almost every single day did not help πŸ˜‚ Now after the Christmas holidays I finally managed to sit down during one afternoon, collect all the memories of that night and write them down in a way that makes sense.
  6. Hello! πŸ˜„ I am perfectly aware that it's already been a month from the gig. And that we already have the video of the whole concert recorded by Chriss-MikaFan (I can't thank her enough for this treasure). But since no one has written anything so far, I thought to give my contribution if anyone is still interested or for future knowledge (I have spent lot of time reading concert reviews in order to organize myself in the best possible way, thank you all!). Sorry for being so late. Well, now let's get started. Sorry in advance for the length, I am very bad at summarizing [The waiting] I went to the gig with my sister. We arrived in the morning between 11 and 11.30 am and got numbers 37 and 38. Compared to other dates I had read of, very few people decided to queue and we reached number 100 only towards 4 pm. It was only our second gig (not counting Sinfonia Pop in Florence) and the first time we queued almost the whole day, but it went well. We had a small break to have lunch in a bar nearby and then checked-in in our hotel (which was like 500 m far from the forum), went back to the venue, read a book, sat a little to rest, listened to the soundcheck and tried to catch a glimpse of the stage, had a small walk around to stretch our legs. We were so lucky that it had rained only very early in the morning, before we arrived, and then it was only very cloudy. At 4 pm, a group of very organized fans started to call people according to their numbers and we formed a proper line. Time during the following 3 hours seemed to be infinite, but we enjoyed a little chat with the two girls that were in front of us. I have to say that everyone behaved well: people kept arriving, stopping at the end of the queue and when the gates opened there was no crazy rush from behind. At least until I entered, I don't know what happened later. There were 2 ticket stops and security controls, where officers checked bags, and then we were in. First row (for the first time), at the right corner of the long part of the stage, perfect view. But I was a little worried: there were only few empty seats in the galleries, but the parterre kept remaining quite empty. I could see lot of space at the sides and thought that this might upset Mika, especially giving the fact that he had just shared the news about the sold out show in Milan on the following evening. [The gig] But I was wrong. The gig was simply pure magic. The stage set is incredible, the idea of the Big Bang and the colours is brilliant, the flying piano is breathtaking and Mika himself is beyond words. I am always in awe seeing him dancing, jumping, running and singing at the same time without almost rest as it were the easiest thing to do in life. And his smile and the joy in his eyes… I will never forget them. Some highlights of the night: Ice Cream: an elegant entrance and our "Livorno loves Mika" signs. Dear Jealousy: simply hypnotic Relax: There was an awkward moment. He was letting the audience singing the "Take it easy" part when at some point there was no answer at all. I also remained silent because from the way he had sung the last "Relax" I thought it was the end of the song and wanted to enjoy the moment, don't know what happened to the others but well… yes... complete silence was the result. Nothing to worry too much about. With a smirk, Mika remembered us that it was too early to go to bed and get to sleep, so we had to sing. And we sang again, each time louder until he was satisfied with the result. Origin of Love: I'm always in love with this song Platform Ballerinas: I am so happy he is performing it live during this tour and it is quite funny seeing Mika's little dance with Max after dragging him on the floor (Max is a saint). Big Girl: the talk about the mood changing according to the day of the week and his walk through the public (he passed very very close to us, we were separated by only another person). Tiny Love: so gentle and so powerful Underwater: the angels who only eat Philadelphia cream cheese (memories from his youth about a commercial) and the chorus from heaven and hell Paloma: simply touching, I was so happy when I discovered it had been included in the setlist. Domani: unfortunately (for me), he sang the entire song in Italian. In the end I kind of enjoyed those minutes as well, but I still miss hearing Tomorrow live. Elle Me Dit: crazy dancing and funny game with Mika as conductor of our hand movements. He also took a moment to thank some people he had invited to the gig, as they had helped him writing the album and facing all his family problems of the last year (I really hope the best for his mother). People who live in the nearby of the city and his own home in a little town near Florence (not so far from Livorno then). Lollipop: him lying on the piano and trying to play it from that position. At the end of the song a girl threw a handmade lollipop on stage and Mika played with it; and then he brought on stage the girl herself, who had dressed like the Lollipop Girl (everything handmade). They were very cute to see and I am so happy for her. Happy Ending and Stardust: Mika struggled quite a lot to keep the audience silent this time for the a capella ending of Happy Ending, and so he decided to take us by surprise and started to sing Stardust a capella as well. I am not a big fan of this song, so this unexpected turn was really welcomed. I could appreciate Mika's voice in all its beauty for a few minutes. During the chorus the public started to sing again, but very softly, creating a magic atmosphere. Love Today: really love this song and more crazy dancing We Are Golden: singing this song was like a cathartic experience, waving our golden stars in the air. This simple fan action resulted in something (for me totally) unexpected. Towards the end of the song Mika took one of the stars, got free of his shirt and placed the star right at the centre of his chest. I know that when he was younger, he ended up shirtless quite frequently, but it had not happened so often from the Heaven Tour on. So I interpreted it as an important non-premeditated act of liberation, and he must have enjoyed the feeling a lot because now it has become again a regular appointment in the following shows. Grand final: Grace Kelly is a funny party with all the balloons flying in the air, but I did not try to catch them as it would have distracted me from the song. The giant heart was a perfect ending, but I did not want to come back to reality, even if Mika had just made us promise to stay high. The gig ended at 11.30 pm. With a small group of about 15 people we waited at the exit for an hour, hoping to see him. At last Andy and two other women got into their car and picked Mika up at another exit. He didn't come to us but waved back and keep waving in the car driving away while we were saying thank you. After all this time, I still have not recovered. From time to time I have to force myself not to watch videos, otherwise I get caught up in them and stop doing anything else (and this can go on for days). Now I'm waiting (and hoping) for summer dates, as he said he will do some festivals, so that I can see him another time this year. Who knows if, after that, there will be another 3-year waiting XD But whatever happens, I really want to thank him for everything
  7. Hi Gabs, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC 😊 I'm Cristina and I'm also attending the concert in Livorno tomorrow! You can find or ask for info here: Is this your first Mika concert? _________________________________________________________________________________ Ciao Gabs, piacere di conoscerti e benvenut* nel MFC 😊 Io sono Cristina e anche io domani andrò al concerto di Livorno. Puoi trovare informazioni a riguardo o fare altre domande in questo thread: È il primo concerto di Mika a cui vai?
  8. I imagined it plays with the concepts of giant and tiny of the song. Like a paradox. It is a giant creature whose name is Tiny. A representation of ourselves who are giants when we have a tiny love. But I don't know, maybe I'm completely wrong πŸ˜‚
  9. I'm also among those who hope he will NOT sing the Italian version at gigs πŸ˜† Not so much because of the translation, but rather because of the meter (if this is the right term) resulting. To my ears, it simply does not fit. Now, I am not an expert of musical composition, but I have always heard that writing songs in Italian is quite difficult from a technical point of view, because words are mainly stressed on their penultimate or antepenultimate syllables. There are obviously exceptions, but foreign songs translated into Italian always sound strange, because the music was not intended to accompany Italian words. I think it would have been different if he had composed a song conceived in Italian from the start. At least, this is my personal opinion. If he wants to sing it in Italian, I hope it will be only a little part, as he does for Stardust for example. Otherwise, I will miss the atmosphere of Tomorrow others talked about above. But in the end, he decides what to sing, so I will simply have to accept it πŸ˜ƒ
  10. I bought the CD the same day of the release.
  11. Great idea! These are my lists: A list: - Tiny Love (+ reprise) - Dear Jealousy - Paloma - Tomorrow - Platform Ballerinas - Blue B list: - Sanremo - Ready To Call This Love - I Went To The Hell Last Night - Stay High C list: - Ice Cream - Cry (works in progress for this one) I really can't stop listening to this album. As for the track order, I'm not really used to listen to an album from start to finish as it is made, I always play it in shuffle mode so that every time it is a surprise!
  12. I have to admit that the first time I listened to Blue, it kinda bored me. But now it's one of my favourites. I need it especially when I get stressed out, it manages to soothe me. I like both the lyrics and his voice, particularly the way he sings "I will always love the blue in you"... I'm always in heaven I really hope to listen to this song live!
  13. Personally, I relate a lot to this song. Just to make a few examples, I never wear makeup or heels. I am more comfortable with casual clothing and two of my best friends never wear dresses or skirts. I don't even have a boyfriend. And although for me this is not a problem, society does still think differently. Not all that often, but I also have been told to do this or that because it is more "feminine", whatever this means. I have nothing against people who decide to act differently from me, but I do not want to be blamed for my own choices. And it is often women who utter these sentences. I know women who can't leave their home without makeup, otherwise they do not consider themselves decent enough to be looked at or do not want to appear in photos. And now, with the raise of Instagram, everyone takes pictures in carefully studied poses to be up to the ones posted by the influencers. While I prefer the most spontaneous ones. At least, this has been my experience so far. So, to me, this song isn't saying that this different girl is better than the others, but that she is not inferior to them just for making different choices. Feel free to be yourself. On the other side, the thought that he was not talking about a "real" girl at all also hit me. Especially when I listened to the line "Don't believe everything you see". But who knows? I like the fact that different meanings can be found in a song. As for mentioning the kitchen, I haven't paid attention to it at the beginning. But after some thoughts I believe it may be a casual choice, like this word fits better in the line compared to other rooms names. And afterall, we often see Mika himself in kitchens, cooking and enjoying himself, so I do not think it was intended to have a negative connotation. Whenever I am listening to this song, I find myself smiling and wanting to move and be happy because life is beautiful. But I understand that everyone has different opinions and reactions and it is ok too
  14. I already love this song. I can't stop listening to it or singing it in my head. The lyrics are so intense. I also watched and rewatched the music video. I still don't get all the hidden meanings, but I find it very poetic. I'm just starting to come up with my interpretation, meanwhile I'm enjoying reading your versions. So many wonderful thoughts about it.
  15. Hi! Yeah, I've noticed this widespread passion for languages. It's so wonderful to be able to understand what people from other countries are saying and talk to them πŸ˜ƒ Good luck with your studies!
  16. Thank you very much for your help, Sara
  17. Thank you both for your welcome! 😊
  18. Hello everyone! I'm Cristina, 26 and Italian. I have been reading this forum for a while now (a wealth of precious information) and finally decided to officially join MFC. Nice to meet you all! I discovered Mika 4 years ago, when he was a guest on an Italian TV show and sang Good Guys to promote NPIN. I had obviously already heard some of his famous songs like Grace Kelly, Relax or Underwater (without really knowing who the author was), but that night something magical happened and I simply fell in love with him and his way of making music. I personally find the video of Good Guys one of the most beautiful ever made. Apart from listening to all his albums (too many favourites songs), I also started watching every interview I could find online. I could listen to him talking for hours, he always has something clever to say (and often also funny). Having graduated in Translating and Interpreting, I also particularly appreciate his multicultural background and his versatility with languages. I wish I could be as fluent in English as he is in Italian! I already managed to see him perform live twice, in Genoa during the Heaven Tour and in Florence for one of his symphonic concerts. And now I can't wait to see him again in this Revelation Tour. Already got my tickets! Well, I think I have written enough for now. Even if I am usually not comfortable with social networks, I am sure I will have a very good time here 😊 P.S. Apologies in advance for any mistake I may have made. Even if I work with English every day, I am not a native speaker. But I am always happy to improve and learn new things, so feel free to correct me if necessary
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