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  1. Wow Mika’s album is filled with so many different sounds but I love them all! I don’t know how I’m going to cope when the rest release though 😅 these last few weeks have already been so much haha
  2. Wow Sanremo is so beautiful! It has such a dreamy vibe, as others above have mentioned. Mika is so happy and in love, we are truly blessed that he’s sharing it so well with us in this new music 😊
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for 1 ticket for the London show. I realise this is probably a lost cause, but hoping something may be able to come my way (and to all the other people in this chat looking for the same <3) Does anyone know if there's any hope of a second UK show? Apologies if this isn't the post to ask about that.
  4. Hi there! I’d quite like to try to contribute to all of your theorising, I hope that’s alright ☺️ Returning once more to the subject of the number 9 (because theorising is almost more fun when there may never be a definitive answer, and all interpretations can be considered!) I saw an interview the other day in which Mika discussed that he liked the number 3, calling it a ‘magic number’, a term often used to refer to 3 owing to its significance in many things such as religion, biology, and how it’s the perfect amount of things to list for effect (see what I did there 😉). Mika said he used to wear things such as watches in threes because he liked the number. 9 is 3 squared, aka 3x3, so could that make 9 significant to him for being almost the ultimate magic number? If this album is him showing how he has developed and become stronger it could point to him having strengthened from 3 to 3x3?? This would perhaps fit with the x9x you spotted on his shirt too. I’ll be the first to admit this is all probably too far fetched as an explanation, but I wanted to share it anyway! Here’s a piece which offers some examples which explain three’s status as a ‘magic number’- https://www.phactual.com/3-the-magic-number/ and here’s the video I saw Mika mention it in, starting at 1:19- https://youtu.be/bjqiNVAalHw He also happens to confirm in a question afterwards that if he was an animal he’d be a duck, which I guess could link to the geese thing you were discussing earlier?? 😅
  5. Hello all! I’m Hannah, a twenty-year-old student from the U.K. (Wales to be specific). I’ve been a fan of Mika since first hearing the singles of his debut album at school discos (ah, memories), but have only recently gotten super into all of his later music and other projects. I’m really looking forward to his new album and getting to know the fan community on here as we wait for it to be released. Everyone on here seems so nice, I can’t wait to discuss things with you all. I’ll probably stick to posting in English, but I may try to practice my French on here too, as well as perhaps trying to improve my understanding of other languages as I realise Mika’s fanbase is fantastically international. C’est possible pour moi écrit et comprendre un peu de Francais, mais je n’est pas tres bien! For now that’s all I have to say in this intro, I look forward to joining in with conversations on here soon!