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  1. Thank you for the virtual hug and positive outlook. It helps 🙂
  2. So so so sad that were not getting ready for the show to start right now 😩😭😢. How exciting would that have been?. Facebook sent me a "reminder" that I had an event tonight and I almost cried.
  3. I really miss the cooking shows too. They were really fun and my face would hurt from smiling for an hour straight. And he seemed to genuinely enjoy them as well. 🙁
  4. Where to begin with quantifying the amount of adorableness in this video?? The adorable meter has exploded. Also, was anyone a tad bit concerned there was going to be some sort of tomato or super heated pot accident??? I also think he was being nice and didn't actually like the wine??? What do you all think?
  5. I'm confused as to why the Bell Centre show is postponed and the rest are cancelled?. Does anyone know why?
  6. I can't believe it's cancelled. Not even "postponed". I'm so so so sad. I went through so much B.S. with Ticketmaster too. All for nothing. 😞😞😞. I hope he resumes the tour after all this blows over. But that brings another Ticketmaster battle along with it. My heart is broken today 💔
  7. Anyone else starting to get worried that the show might get cancelled/postponed due to Covid-19 ?? 😬😬😬. I would be so disappointed. Who knows what things will be like in Toronto by May!!??
  8. Yes!! If time permitted I would seriously consider doing that!!!
  9. I just had a look and all of a sudden out of no where there are new Official Platinum tickets available! $395 - $650 per ticket!!! 😲 Ticketmaster is playing games. 😡
  10. I will be going with the hubby who I think secretly loves Mika, but won't necessarily admit it. He's a good sport about it though. He really enjoyed the Montreal show in September. I'm worried the show won't sell well? It's not that big of a theatre and there's so may seats left. God forbid he gets some promotion around here!! I hate ticketmaster and don't trust them, so I don't have any constructive advice @mairbear.
  11. Someone posted a video of it, and I can see myself, and I have this hilarious deer caught in the headlights, glazed over, star struck smile on my face. I wasn't even singing along. I know every word to that song, obviously, but I was just staring at him in awe. 😍😳
  12. @sarac I was in Montreal in September too! It was truly an amazing experience. He danced right next to me during Big Girl. I still remember what the material of his red suit felt like since he bumped into me a couple times. Ha ha. I can't imagine any other show living up to that one, but I just feel so lucky that I get to see him again so soon 😍.
  13. I thought I chose etickets, so I'm confused about the delayed delivery thing. Maybe I chose real tickets without realizing it 🤷‍♀️. I guess I'll wait and see. It was a crazy whirlwind ticket buying experience so who knows what went on.
  14. I just noticed a few tickets are already up for resale. Mine have a "delayed delivery" for some reason. Not sure why. Anyone else have this delayed delivery as well?