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  1. I watched the live stream from the TVA website since I am in Ontario and it worked perfectly!! I'm so happy I got to watch it again. It's just so good 😍.
  2. I had to translate all the tweets, but they were very entertaining.
  3. So, do we know who wrote this song? Did they write it together? Or is Mika singing her song with her? Sorry if this has already been asked and I missed it. 🤷‍♀️
  4. I totally agree. I just rewatched it and it's obvious that he wants to do more! He tries to get Michele to do the finger thing earlier and he doesn't notice. Michele lets Mika take the lead and follows him around the stage for the whole song. The random leg kick is the best 🤩.
  5. Omg. I didn't know this existed. My daughter's name is Betty. She is going to freak out!!! Thank you!!!
  6. What time is this on? And how is everyone planning on watching it? I'm in Ontario but don't think I will get this station.
  7. Got my ticket. Can't wait to queue outside my house!! I'm hoping 8 hours in advance is early enough to get front row!! 🤞🤞
  8. He looks like he should be a clue in an episode of the Amazing Race! How amazing would that be 😝
  9. I had a very short but pretty fantastic Mika dream. I was in some kind of loft apartment with many sofas and big armchairs. There was a small audience of people in this loft watching some kind of live awards ceremony. I was there with Mika and we were casually lounging in this velvety sofa. My back was up against the side of the sofa and he was lying up against my chest. We were just chillin' out watching the awards while I PLAYED WITH HIS HAIR. 😍 That was it. My alarm went off. But it made my day that's for sure!
  10. Thank you for the virtual hug and positive outlook. It helps 🙂
  11. So so so sad that were not getting ready for the show to start right now 😩😭😢. How exciting would that have been?. Facebook sent me a "reminder" that I had an event tonight and I almost cried.
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