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  1. On zazzle i found that, when you select the country, you can also select “rest of europe”. If you do this i think you can buy for italy
  2. Hello everyone!😄 I joined MFC about 2 months ago and I have a question .. I tried to search on the website but I cannot find anything. Is there some MFC official merchandising for the gigs? I just asked for them because it will be great to find someone at a gig who looks at my bag with a MFC pin or something like this and says “oh cool you are a MFC member too” and maybe recognise us in a simply way at the concerts. Also to spread to the other fans the existence of MFC. If there is some merchandising to buy, can you please link me down below where can i find them? Thank you❤️❤️
  3. Yes, i did’t noticed that the photo was very old, and surely not made just 20 years ago😅😅he could be photoshopped with his ancestors (maybe to symbolize that part of his family that Mika told he had never knew and firstly “met” in the Savannah cemetery), or that could be just someone that looks similar to him...
  4. This boy. I thought that was a young Mika. I think he has the same nose and eyes as him. I’m uploading some other photos as a comparation. The first time I saw the video i started thinking about that, I was sure. But as i told before, everyone said I was wrong😕
  5. At the beginning I thought that the young boy in the photo could be a young Mika. I’m trying to find a better photo now. I’m not sure about it, i wrote a comment on the YouTube video but some people told me that he couldn’t be Mika
  6. Ragazze non so se state ascoltando Mika su RTL...stanno facendo condurre il programma a fa schiattare, è simpaticissimo e bravissimo a fare lo speaker😂😂😍
  7. Aaaaiuutoo 🙈🙈 speriamo ne faccia tanti anche qui al nord😍 che suspance! Comunque grazie Gabry sei sempre aggiornatissima🤩🤩
  8. I love the videoclip, it’s very beautiful and deep.. but i have a question, if you have any idea can you please answer me? I don’t understand the connection between the lyrics of the song (that seems happy and full of joy with just a little of loneliness) and the video (with this deep message about homosexuality in the ‘900). (I think the video is filmed to look like around 1960.) Maybe i lost the meaning of some parts of the song, because i don’t speak english very well. If you can help me understanding more thank you❤️
  9. Wowwww 😍 che bello ti è già arrivato😍 stasera vado a vedere in un altro posto io Super veloci da
  10. Fatemi sapere se voi trovate già l’album nei negozi oggi🤩
  11. Domani appena finisco le lezioni all’università comincio a telefonare a ogni libreria di Padova per vedere se hanno già il CD Pensate che prima stavo guardando su maps dove si trovasse un posto che avevo sentito nominare in cui vendono i CD, e dalla Street View di Maps ho visto che all’epoca di quando erano state girate le foto di quel luogo c‘era fuori dal negozio un cartello che diceva che era disponibile il (all’epoca) Nuovo CD di MIKA ”No Place in Heaven” ahahhaha È destino che io domani vada lì 😅