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  1. Tonight I dreamt that Mika had posted a Morning routine on his YouTube channel😂 And he said that every morning as soon as he gets up he curls his hair with a curler😆 and showed his technique to do it 😂😂 i don’t remember anything more from this dream
  2. Now we just need to wait for what Mika will say about that
  3. It speaks about lirical concerts, in which they had to change the location of the orchestra and the choir.
  4. They say they are postponing all the events of summer 2020 to summer 2021 But still anything about Mika
  5. Yes i agree with you too it would be better for the concert to be postponed and done in a greater way the next year, rather than to be done anyway but having to comply with all the rules😔 also because lots of people who already bought the ticket from other countries, I don't know if they want to come to Italy in such a bad period 🥺
  6. I’ll be back tomorrow in the late afternoon🥰❤️🍀 

  7. ciaooo!! Anna!! sai per caso quand'è il compleanno di Andy mi sembra maggio ma non so il giorno x favore me l'ho puoi dire.. 

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      I think is May 30th

    3. Paoletta
    4. Paoletta


      @mikasister.. thank you so can also tell me the birthdays of the others members of the family please?

  8. Vedrai che tornerà presto come al solito! 🥰
  9. Mika é una persona molto attenta ed è anche un po’ ipocondriaco... sinceramente ha stupito anche a me questa cosa ma poi ho notato che si trovavano a casa di Mika (Si vede la cucina con gli stickers dietro), quindi ho pensato che fosse andata lei a portare del cibo a domicilio e hanno fatto una foto di corsa e poi lei è andata via. Se fossero stati nel suo negozio sicuramente avremmo visto anche lui protetto😊 per cui non c’è da preoccuparsi 😊
  10. who wouldn't smile if having Mika in front of him 😄❤️
  11. Come previsto niente vitello tonnato comunque 😂😂😂
  12. He looked so happy!!! it was so funny because i watched mika’s live while lunching with my parents 🥰