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  1. Does anyone know if they will be available/are available somewhere? I regretted i haven’t bought the bag so much🙁🙁🙁
  2. Are you ready for tonight? I have a numbered sit place, so I will arrive around 6 pm Are there any fan action we can do? See you❤️
  3. Per farvi capire i miei livelli di impazienza, ho già pronto l’outfit per il concerto nell’armadio da due settimane, e manca ancora una settimana😂
  4. Buon concerto per stasera @Gabry74 @Paoletta 😍😍😍 -6 giorni per me! 🤩
  5. This article says that before the show there will be a opening performance by a singer called BIRTHH😃 Just 9 days left girlsssss😍😍😍
  6. Personally, i buy from AliExpress only useless cheap things like stickers, notes for the planner, pens and this kind of stuff I’ve never bought clothes because i don’t trust them😅😅 so i understand you
  7. I found on a website that the original one costed about 1350$, but it is sold out now 😅
  8. I tried to search on AliExpress but that’s what i found, and it’s different😔 but maybe it can help you
  9. Paloma Holbrook?! 😅😅😅 I think someone has thought that “Michael Holbrook” is the name and surname of Mika😅
  10. Hello! We have a new interview on marieclaire italia, a weekly magazine out today. It’s titled “100 domande a Mika” (100 questions to Mika). I don’t have the magazine yet, but if you have it, can you post the interview please? Thank you❤️
  11. Fantastico @Gabry74😍 sei fortunata a poterlo seguire 😃 e intanto ti visiti un po’ qualche città
  12. Ciao ragazze!! Sono passata per un saluto, sono sommersa di studio in questi giorni😅 Ma sono super felice perché è iniziato il revelation tour e non manca molto al concerto a cui andrò io😍❤️ Non vedo l’ora! Qualcuna di voi è stata al concerto a Londra?
  13. On zazzle i found that, when you select the country, you can also select “rest of europe”. If you do this i think you can buy for italy